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If you’re a *transsexual man-gone-woman and you become a lesbian, isn’t that akin to being heterosexual?

I mean you still like women, right?

Chopping your Anthony-Weiner off and loading you with female hormones doesn’t change your DNA from XY to XX.

The term is not Transgender.

The term is Transsexual.

Or Tranny if you’re in a hurry.

*We do not recognize the liberal bull shit called Political Correctness.

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Ann CoulterDespite liberals’ desperate need for Europeans to like them, the American media have enraged the entire nation of Italy with their bald-faced lies about a heinous murder in Perugia committed by a fresh-faced American girl, Amanda Knox.

The facts aren’t elusive: In December 2009, the Italian court released a 400-plus page report detailing the mountains of evidence that led the judges and jury to conclude that Knox, along with her Italian beau, Raffaele Sollecito, and a petty thief of her acquaintance, Rudy Guede, had murdered Knox’s English roommate, Meredith Kercher, on the evening of Nov. 1, 2007.

Now liberals are howling that the DNA evidence was “contaminated,” but they always say that. It wasn’t. And the DNA was already thoroughly vetted at trial.

Nonetheless, let’s consider only a tiny slice of the evidence available to the police in the first week after the murder — long before any DNA tests came back. (more…)

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Liberals have trouble talking about some issues. When they do, they go nuts. It’s too bad, because some issues are worth talking about. Like are women as good at math as men are? Or, are blacks and whites just as smart?

James Watson, Nobel Laureate, the father of DNA, said something along the lines that blacks aren’t as smart as whites. It raised a row. Then Henry Louis Gates Jr. hammered Watson with questions about race and genetics. Here’s what came of it… (more…)

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