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Thursday – Christine Blasey Ford’s Karma runs over her Dogma.

Dems eat crow.

Friday – Judge Brett Kavanaugh confirmed.

Dems eat crow.

This week – Judge Brett Kavanaugh confirmed

Dems eat crow.

November – Republicans keep House and Senate.

Dems eat crow.

2020 – Trump reelected.

Dems eat crow.

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In light of all the Liberal/Dem/Progressive/Hollywood tears due to the trauma ladled upon them since Trump kicked Crooked Hillary’s ass and won the election, and in the spirit of bipartisanship, let’s all send them coloring books, crayons, and tissues to help them cope through this traumatic period of their collective lives.


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And this crowd was overwhelmingly populated by Blacks who voted for Obama.

Let’s hope this trend grows exponentially.

From WND:

Crowd of Democrats walks out on Obama
Steady stream of people leave, heckler interrupts president

The magic that President Obama once enjoyed at political rallies appears to have vanished into thin air, as a crowd of spectators walked out on the president during a speech for Democrats Sunday in Maryland.

During an appearance for Lieutenant Governor Anthony Brown, who is running for governor of Maryland, “early departures of crowd members while he spoke underscored his continuing unpopularity,” reported Reuters.

“A steady stream of people walked out of the auditorium while he spoke,” the wire service noted, “and a heckler interrupted his remarks.”

“You’ve got to vote,” Obama repeated numerous times at the rally in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, not far from the nation’s capital.

“There are no excuses. The future is up to us,” Obama said. “Go find your friends to vote. Get your cousin to vote. Get your uncle to vote.”

The heckler was a pro-immigration-reform protester holding a handwritten sign reading “#Not1More.”

“The problem is, I’m actually for immigration reform,” Obama asserted. “Of course, he should be protesting the folks who are blocking it, but that’s OK.”

“Maryland, we have made progress,” Obama said, as he listed his prize achievements of his presidency, such as Obamacare. “Don’t let folks say otherwise.”

But Obama also admitted: “Tonight we’re here because we know there is more work to do,” which he said included battling terrorism and infectious diseases, his sole reference to Ebola in his address.

“When you cast that vote you’ve got a choice to make,” Obama said, between “two very different visions for America.”

“I believe that Republicans are patriots, that they love their country, but they are a broken record,” he said.

He also urged the crowd to select hope over cynicism.

“Hope is a better choice and we’re selling hope.”

The most recent poll from the Baltimore Sun showed Brown leading Republican Larry Hogan 49 percent to 42 percent.


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When the Honor Flight Veterans from MS arrived at the WWII Memorial, one chair-bound octogenarian quipped, “Yeah, they said Normandy was ‘closed’ when we got there, too. It didn’t stop us.”


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Lies from the left.

Lies from the left.

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Barack Hussein Obama: How the Fuck Did This Worthless Racist Win?

America has lost its marbles and Obama’s voters deserve whatever crap he dishes out.

Let the Barry-Bashing begin!

Let the Barack-Bashing begin!

If this current liberal wave keeps up, we might live to see a second Civil War that will be anything but civil. This country is seriously divided, thanks to the left and its 8-years of Bush-bashing.

Are we just going to bend over, spread ’em, and say, Thank you and may I have another sir, or are we going to take our country back?

Now it’s our turn to bash Kenyan-born and still unproven as a natural-born citizen Barack Hussein Obama. Bend over Barry ’cause here comes the big meat whistle right up your six!

Hell, after all the trash talk the left put out about Bush, Arnold the Pig could have won the election on the Dem ticket. I shit you not.

Since we know Obama was raised as and always will be a Muslim, TMQ2 is gonna verbally bash him harsh enough to make what the left did to Bush look like a Sunday picnic.

Let the Barack-Bashing Begin!

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Killed by the Democratic Party and Non Natural-Born Citizen Prez, Obama!

"God Damn" America killed by possible un-Natural-born Prez Obama and fellow liberal gangbangers from the Democratic Party!

THE PERP - Marxixt Obama with yellow teeth and stanky cigarette breath.

KING PERP: Typical Obama seen with coffin nail in his mouth. Also known to have yellow-stained teeth, stanky cigarette breath and well known America-hating wifey-ho.

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Ann CoulterFor the first time in 32 years, Democrats got more than 50 percent of the country to vote for their candidate in a national election, and now they want to lecture the Republican Party on how to win elections. Liberal Republicans have joined them, both groups hoping no one will notice that we just lost this election by running the candidate they chose for us. (more…)

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I say, no more free-lunch scams. Get fucking jobs already, and stop crying like babies!


by Stanley Kurtz | NYP

ACORN continues to march and rally to get Congress to support its radical agenda, as with this demonstration in Washington, DC, in March.

Still pushing to protect junk mortgages at any cost: ACORN continues to march and rally to get Congress to support its radical agenda, as with this demonstration in Washington, DC, in March.

TO discover the roots of to day’s economic crisis, consider a tale from 1995.

That March, House Speaker Newt Gingrich was scheduled to address a meeting of county commissioners at the Washington Hilton. But, first, some 500 protesters from the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) poured into the ballroom from both the kitchen and the main entrance.

Hotel staffers who tried to block them were quickly overwhelmed by demonstrators chanting, “Nuke Newt!” and “We want Newt!” Jamming the aisles, carrying bullhorns and taunting the assembled county commissioners, demonstrators swiftly took over the head table and commandeered the microphone, sending two members of Congress scurrying. (more…)

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