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Muslims have been convinced that they are special and deserve perks above those of any other American.

Over 200 Muslim employees at a meat-packaging plant in Colorado walked out of their jobs to protest. The Muslims demanded to have dedicated breaks to prayer. The company refused and told the protesters “you’re all fired.” (via Denver Post)

The company asked their employees to return to their jobs, and the vast majority refused. As a result, over 190 Muslims were fired from the plant.

The Muslim employees were told they were free to use their breaks to pray just like any other employee.

That was not good enough. The company even provided a room of reflection where they allowed people of all faiths to pray on their own time. The Muslims wanted special treatment, and were fired over their demands.

The company previously granted Muslims time to pray during their shifts, but they found their production capacity was severely hindered. The plant is an assembly line and cannot accommodate the shutdown for prayer.

The employees of the meat-packaging plant are unionized, but the Muslim employees did not stage their protest through the union; instead, they called in the Council of Islamic Relations to negotiate on their behalf.

The employees did not warn their employer of the impending strike and walked off the line without notice, causing severe financial damage. The company had no choice but to fire them.

Many of the fired Muslim employees are now begging for their jobs back, while the Islamic council continues to negotiate with the company of their behalf. The company refuses to capitulate and will simply hire less demanding employees who are more willing to work.

The liberal media has coddled our Muslim immigrants into believing that they deserve special treatment. Their unrealistic demands were rightfully shut down by the company. The meat package was already going above and beyond to accommodate their Muslim employees and finally decided enough was enough.

There are many unemployed Americans who would be happy to replace these ungrateful Muslims and work without special extra breaks.

Muslims need to understand that in America, all people are treated equally, no one receives special treatment, and everyone is expected to contribute their fair share.

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There is a real Jewish piece of shit snaking his way through the underbrush and overbrush for that matter.

His name is Nathanael Kapner and goes by the name Brother Nathanael.

He calls himself an Orthodox Christian and is a non-stop stream of hate filled anti-Semitic rants.

How the people of Frisco, Colorado haven’t run him out-of-town is beyond me.

Hey Nate, you flaming douchebag, did your mother not breast feed enough after the age of fifteen that you hate your own kind?

Did she stick your nose in your own shit because you still weren’t toilet trained at the age of twenty?

Or did the hottest Jewish chick in your school reject and humiliate you publicly because of your nerd glasses and body odor like an unchanged diaper?

Do you actually think that the cum-stained anti-Semites you preach to think of you as anything other than the shit stained Jewboy that you are?

You fucking idiot. All your Christian posturing bullshit will do nothing to save you when they come to shove you in the ovens along with the rest of us.

I only hope I can be there to push you in ahead of me so I can go to my death knowing that all you ever were was another fucking Jew.

I’m peeing in my pants with laughter just imagining the scenario, you stupid Jewboy.

Rot in hell for the disgrace you are to every Jew that ever lived.

Br.Nathanael Kapner - the Jewish Christian (Self ordained)

Br. Nathanael Kapner – the Jewish Christian (Self ordained)

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In followup to the federal government’s latest attempt at  intimidation of American citizens in Nevada and elsewhere, here is the latest revelation from those wonderful folks at WND:



Desert showdown blows lid off long-standing plans with the Chinese

When Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy refused to take his cattle off land the federal government demanded for the habitat of an endangered desert tortoise, it focused the nation’s attention on an arena Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev., may have preferred to be kept quiet.

An investigative report published last week by Infowars.com drew a connection between Senate Majority Leader Reid’s involvement with Chinese energy giant ENN, Chinese efforts to build massive solar facilities in the Nevada desert and the showdown between Bundy and the U.S. Bureau of Land Management, or BLM.

It wasn’t the first report to notice curious dealings involving the Chinese and America’s top Democrats.

On Jan. 20, 2013, WND warned Chinese government-backed economists were proposing a plan to allow Chinese corporations to set up “development zones” in the United States as part of a plan proposed by the Chinese government to convert into equity the more than $1 trillion in U.S. Treasury debt owned by the Chinese government.

The next day, Jan. 21, 2013, WND documented the Obama administration had begun to allow China to acquire major ownership interests in oil and natural gas resources across the USA.

China grabs oil interests in USA


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The Federal Government is Broken

“Washington D.C. will never voluntarily relinquish its power. Left unchecked, the government will continue to bankrupt this nation and destroy the liberty of the people. It is time for citizens and the States to act and we have the solution.”

From WND:

Two More State Houses Join Plan to Rein in Feds
Convention would open door to new limits on Washington’s power

Two more state Houses have joined a plan to rein in the power of the federal government by calling for a convention at which representatives of the states would enact new limits on Washington’s power.

Congress, the White House, even governors, would have little to say about it.

According to Convention of States, a project of a group called Citizens for Self-governance, the state House of Representatives in Arizona and its counterpart in Alaska have adopted the plan to call a convention of the states for the purpose of constitutional amendments.

The organization’s outreaches now are heading to Oklahoma and Colorado.

WND reported March 6 when the Georgia legislature became the first to pass an application “to limit the power and jurisdiction of the federal government.”

State Sen. Cecil Staton, R-Macon, said at that time he was “pleased that the Georgia legislature has given voice to the frustrations of millions of Georgians.”

“Enough is enough. It is time to impose fiscal and other restraints on our runaway federal government. We urge other states to join us,” said Macon, the primary sponsor of the resolution.


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