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Obama’s narcissistic, arrogant, hubristic, sociopathic, egotistical, inexperienced personality cannot accept the fact that he alone poisoned the mid-term elections for the Dems.

His solution? More treachery.

He’s having a huge hissy fit, threatening to circumvent Congress and write laws himself.

He’s also working overtime to tear this country apart as quickly as possible.

Judging from his behavior, one would believe him to be a spoiled 2-year-old crybaby. 


Crybabies need oral pacifiers. I’ve got one for him…


I guess they didn’t teach this ‘law’ stuff in Kenya at the Muslim grade school Obama attended.

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“What’s right is what’s left after you do everything wrong.” —Robin Williams

I’m sitting here wondering why I feel like crying over the tragic news of Robin Williams’ sudden death.

Stars die every day.

For whatever reason, how he died is unimportant. The fact that he’s gone is crushing news.

I didn’t know him personally. He didn’t know me.

What I do know is that he was born to be a clown. He’d do anything for a laugh. And I loved his schtick.

He was tragically the consummate codependent who converted his personal pain into making others laugh.

Unselfish is the only word I can think of right now.

Rocky roads always come to an end… Some more dramatically than others.

But if we were to measure his life in terms of laughs, then he reached every star, moon, and galaxy.

We will miss you, Mr. Williams, because our favorite clown is gone forever.

Thank you for making our world a better place while you were here.

You will be missed beyond measure.

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I guess when it comes right down to it… the truth really does hurt.


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