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Evidently some groups are more entitled to the right of national self-determination.

The incessant crybaby tantrums for the “Palestinians” to have this right overshadows the same right being negated or denied for the following:








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Less than 13 hours Eastern Standard Time and Obama is through!

Berry-the-hoodlum and his Illegal Pinche Pendejos


Adios Mamachinga !!

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Psst, Ray, You There? ray-the_dope_hanania

You see this?

Holy shit Ray, is this fucked up or what?

Columnist Says Israel ‘Last Hope’ for Arab Christians Before Total Annihilation

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We must all join together and condemn France  for the disproportionate response to the acts of resistance carried out in Paris last week.

France must be pressured to do whatever it takes to end the cycle of violence between the French and Muslims.

Countless innocent lives are being taken by indiscriminate French air attacks that target civilians.

We call on all entities, both public and private to boycott French products, academics and services; divest from any economic ventures; and sanction the country of France under the harshest of terms.

We only want to see Frenchmen and Muslims living side by side in peace in two states.

Muslims should not have to endure living under French occupation.

We are all ISIS

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All these horrific acts being perpetrated by Muslim fanatics; killings, torture, burning victims alive, are nothing new in the name of religion.

Almost a thousand years ago, hundreds of years before the inquisition, Christians were doing the same things to Jews and other Christians deemed heretics.

The first set of these actions took place in such enlightened places as England and France, and specifically targeted Jews.

And were carried out not by ignorant mobs but by the enlightened ruling classes including the church.

As a means to absolve themselves of debts, there were noble who created the concept of the blood libel, i.e. Jews killed young Christian boys in a ritualistic way to use the blood for consumption.

Theological hatred was begotten from political and financial needs to get out of repaying loans to Jews who financed the Second Crusade.

The poor wretched Christians suffering at the hands of Muslims in the Middle East had nothing to do with any of this but their tormentors have supplanted their European relations who did this for the last 1,000 years

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My recent trek through America’s heartland allowed me to meet an Israeli rabbi who has been living in flyover country for the past twenty years


There is no reason for my photo to be here. I have nothing to do with this essay. But the administrators of my favorite blog, TMQ2, think I’m so hot I belong here. Thanks, Guys! —Sarah Silverman

Sarah Silverman:

One of the things our conversation touched on was Muslim behavior and world peace.

He explained that their behavior can be explained by their theological relations with God.

There basically isn’t one.

Jews and Christians worship a God they have a relationship with.

For Christians it offers personal salvation

For Jews it provides a framework for their obligations to fellow-man.

Muslims worship God because He is all-powerful.

That then dictates a cultural mindset that power is the end all and the be all.

Serve God by being more powerful than the next guy.

That’s all that matters.

Kill and/or die trying.

Some religion of peace.

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Isn’t that an appropriate title to mention that our old friend Ray Hanania is back in the mix.

Ray wrote an opinion piece for the Saudi Gazette moaning about Muslim mistreatment of Christian Arabs.

Just maybe Ray is capable of recognizing a fact of life that does bite him in the ass.

It must stick in his craw that he has to direct his dissatisfaction somewhere other than Israel/Jews.

ray-the_dope_hananiaHe says his wife is Jewish and his son is being raised as a Jew but he puts the word in scare quotes.

Was he bar mitzvahed?

Does he keep kosher?

Does he put on tefillin?

Does he believe in the Jewish tenet that God gave the Land of Israel to the Jews?

A country that he twice mentions in the piece as something that will no longer exist.

The fact that Christians have a more secure and protected existence under Israeli rule than Muslim must drive him up the wall.

Christian Arabs have had a long and virulent history of Jew hating and if they have to suffer under Muslims I won’t lose sleep.

Maybe someday this will serve as an illustration of what the Jews have had to deal with, and Ray will identify as a “Jew by culture” based on the shared experience at the hands of Muslims.

In the meantime he still equates Israel with al-Qaeda and Bashar Assad.

What a dope.

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Christians Besieged
Islamists on the attack in Africa

By Benny Avni| NYP

The Christmas season’s become a time to reflect on the fate of Christians around the world, from the besieged ancient communities of the Middle East to the tyrannized worshippers in China. But let us not ignore the violent threats to Christians in Africa.

Men belonging to Boko Haram murdered at least 10 people in the Nigerian village of Chibok earlier this month. Armed with guns and knives, they slit the throats of victims before burning their houses down. Eleven others were killed the month before in the town of Jaji when a car loaded with explosives rammed into a church.

Gay Muslim Dong Slurpers!

Ansar Dine fighters: Members of the al Qaeda-affiliated terror group that has siezed control of Timbuktu and the rest of northern Mali.

In northern Nigeria, the anti-Western, anti-Christian, anti-government Boko Haram is the top Islamist terror gang. Since 2009, its atrocities have killed at least 3,000 people in Africa’s most populous nation.

Half of Nigeria (mostly in the south) is Christian. Christians outnumber Muslims — but if Boko Haram has its way, that ratio will change.

As far as the group’s ideologues are concerned, sharia — Islamic law — must rule the country. Non-Muslim symbols, such as churches or crosses (and for that matter anything else that might have been touched by Western influence), are haram (forbidden). Anyone even suspected of holding Christian or other non-Muslim beliefs is a fair target.

Boko Haram isn’t all that well organized. Its ideologues often recruit run-of-the-mill thugs in targeting the infidels. Rape, maiming and looting often precede vicious killings.

Oh, and Boko Haram isn’t alone in Africa. Militant Islamists are spreading from the traditionally Muslim deserts of the Maghreb along the Mediterranean, moving south to spots like Somalia, Mali, Niger and Kenya.

Groups fighting Christians and other non-Muslim religionists aren’t necessarily linked (though many are inspired by al Qaeda). Iran and Sunni factions around the globe compete in nurturing and financing the fanatics — in some cases exporting fighters to Africa.

Of course, many African Muslims prefer to live in harmony with their Christian neighbors and tolerate adherents of other religions. But the Arab Spring success of sharia-based parties in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya has emboldened those who, like Boko Haram, would rather see all Christians gone. Arms flowing from post-Khadafy Libya stoke the fires further. (more…)

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Gun Control

The Soviet Union established gun control in 1929.  From 1929 to 1953, a total of 20,000,000 dissidents who were unable to defend themselves were rounded up and exterminated.

Turkey established gun control in 1911.  From 1915 to 1917, a total of 1,500,000 Armenians who were unable to defend themselves were rounded up and exterminated.

Germany established gun control in 1938.  From 1939 to 1945, a total of 13,000,000 Jews and other so-called “undesirables” who were unable to defend themselves were rounded up and exterminated.

China established gun control in 1935.  From 1948 to 1952, a total of 20,000,000 political dissidents who were unable to defend themselves were rounded up and exterminated

Guatemala established gun control in 1964.  From 1964 to 1981, a total of 100,000 Mayan Indians who were unable to defend themselves were rounded up and exterminated.

Uganda established gun control in 1970.  From 1971 to 1979, a total of 300,000 Christians who were unable to defend themselves were rounded up and exterminated.


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With Barack Obama, a Black-Christian with Muslim roots, on the brink of becoming the President of the Free World, I want to remind people of another individual who was also seen as somewhat messianic. The other person I am referring to is Jesus.

Because I’m Jewish, my role as a Jew in the world is never going to go away. I live, eat and breathe my mission in everything I say and do, as my gentle readers know only too well.

Whether you prefer to think of me, and of other Jews as well, as being chosen or as choosing, we Jews took on the yoke of spreading God’s word around the world. I call it God’s word. Call it what you will. Even if you don’t believe in God, that’s fine with me. To me, what we’re spreading is an ethical set of concepts designed to make the world and people better and more civilized.

Jews accepted the concept that we would try to obey 613 rules while at the same time, we Jews would also try to get non-Jews to obey 7 rules. (more…)

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