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From The Telegraph:

After Kenya, no more turning the other cheek to those who hate us

By Allison Pearson

Where is the Muslim condemnation of the Nairobi massacre by maniacs in the name of their religion?

A child runs to safety during the fighting

A child runs to safety during the fighting

Picture the scene if you can bear to. A bustling shopping precinct where a group of men, women and children are surrounded by armed men. As one of the terrorists moves among them, he demands that the person quailing in front of him names the mother of Jesus or recites the Lord’s Prayer. “Our Father which art in Heaven,” says one woman. She is spared. Her neighbour, a Muslim boy, racks his brain for any line of the Bible, anything he has heard in school or on TV. But it’s too late. The boy is shot through the head; put to death for not being Christian. (more…)

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Christians Besieged
Islamists on the attack in Africa

By Benny Avni| NYP

The Christmas season’s become a time to reflect on the fate of Christians around the world, from the besieged ancient communities of the Middle East to the tyrannized worshippers in China. But let us not ignore the violent threats to Christians in Africa.

Men belonging to Boko Haram murdered at least 10 people in the Nigerian village of Chibok earlier this month. Armed with guns and knives, they slit the throats of victims before burning their houses down. Eleven others were killed the month before in the town of Jaji when a car loaded with explosives rammed into a church.

Gay Muslim Dong Slurpers!

Ansar Dine fighters: Members of the al Qaeda-affiliated terror group that has siezed control of Timbuktu and the rest of northern Mali.

In northern Nigeria, the anti-Western, anti-Christian, anti-government Boko Haram is the top Islamist terror gang. Since 2009, its atrocities have killed at least 3,000 people in Africa’s most populous nation.

Half of Nigeria (mostly in the south) is Christian. Christians outnumber Muslims — but if Boko Haram has its way, that ratio will change.

As far as the group’s ideologues are concerned, sharia — Islamic law — must rule the country. Non-Muslim symbols, such as churches or crosses (and for that matter anything else that might have been touched by Western influence), are haram (forbidden). Anyone even suspected of holding Christian or other non-Muslim beliefs is a fair target.

Boko Haram isn’t all that well organized. Its ideologues often recruit run-of-the-mill thugs in targeting the infidels. Rape, maiming and looting often precede vicious killings.

Oh, and Boko Haram isn’t alone in Africa. Militant Islamists are spreading from the traditionally Muslim deserts of the Maghreb along the Mediterranean, moving south to spots like Somalia, Mali, Niger and Kenya.

Groups fighting Christians and other non-Muslim religionists aren’t necessarily linked (though many are inspired by al Qaeda). Iran and Sunni factions around the globe compete in nurturing and financing the fanatics — in some cases exporting fighters to Africa.

Of course, many African Muslims prefer to live in harmony with their Christian neighbors and tolerate adherents of other religions. But the Arab Spring success of sharia-based parties in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya has emboldened those who, like Boko Haram, would rather see all Christians gone. Arms flowing from post-Khadafy Libya stoke the fires further. (more…)

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A Christmas Message from Jesus



Jesus H. ChristWell, it’s that time of year again.

Peace on Earth and Goodwill Towards Men as we jockey for position on check out lines and slug-fest our way to grab the last PlayStation 3, or whatever the toy of the year is.

I always get a little depressed before my birthday, but this year I find myself overcome with one of the deadly seven sins — envy.

How can this be?

As I look back on the year, all I can think about is how much Muslims do for Mohammed: Kidnappings, beheadings, murder of non-believers, murdering fellow Muslims, homicide bombings; I get dizzy from all the honor bestowed on my esteemed colleague. It’s a litany of acts that go above and beyond anything Christians have done for me lately.

Where is the Sword of Christ for Christ sakes?

Are Christians still buying into that turn the other cheek prank?

Think back a few short years to what was done to Jews for my sake. I can’t even get a speck of Onward Christians Soldiers when it comes to Islamofascists.

Is it because the Jews were no threat and easy to pick on?

Now there is a threat to Christianity unseen since Roman lions in the coliseum and I can’t even get a “Hoorah” from any one.

Are Christians too busy these days marveling at the miracle of my image appearing in someone’s mashed potatoes?

I’m one-third of the frickin’ Trinity.

If I’m going to make an appearance, it will be something grander and more concrete than putting my face in a bowl of soup.

Don’t worry so much about putting Christ back in Christmas. I would have a happier birthday if people put Christ up the poop shoot of jihadists before Christmas itself is subject to laws of dhimmitude world-wide.

Blessed are the peacemakers, and I’m talking about 50-caliber peacemakers. Celebrate my birthday by standing up to Islamofascism any chance you get. It’s the best present any Son of God could ask for.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night… wait… that’s Santa’s line.

OK. Just Merry Christmas.

Originally posted at the TMQ1 site by Jesus H. Christ – 12/20/2006 12:18:00 PM

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I’m sure most Americans will gladly sing along to this fitting tune.

So, does this mean Obama is a Muslim, a Christian and a Jew? What’s next, Heaven’s Gate?

When he starts serving free Kool-Aid, be very afraid.

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After having Mother Superior getting all Charlie Sheen up in here, (yes MoSu, I been served) I went back to school and became a more highly evolved warlock.

In the process, I learned how we can all get along, especially on the Muslim/Infidel interface.

It seems that Muslims are not evil, hateful or bigoted. They are just very sensitive and prideful.

As long as their sensitivity and pride is assuaged they are very understanding and tolerant.

This can be distilled down to a few very common lowest denominators:

Muslims are very tolerant of non-Muslim minorities as long as they know their place. Non- Muslims historically have been welcomed in Muzzie communities as long as they agree to live as second class dhimmis and realize they are inferior. Do this and all is well.

Muslims are too proud to be ruled by non-Muslims. This freaks them out more than anything else. It’s the reason they can’t accept living under Jewish rule in Israel, what used to be Christian rule in Lebanon, and why there is an ongoing power struggle in countries to which they emigrate. Give them the right and ability to take over and everyone goes home happy. Everyone who is Muslim that is.

Now just to be open minded, I will yield that not every Muslim feels that way, but there isn’t enough evidence to show that the ones who don’t are doing anything to counter this image.

I know it’s not fair to paint with broad strokes but if you don’t, how’s the house going to get painted?

For this reason I propose a constitutional amendment entitled:


Equal right for Muslims that equal to the rights their countries afford non-Muslims. I know what you’re thinking, first the Muslims and then who’s next?

To prevent any abuse of the act, this amendment will not be enforceable upon any group other than Muslims. After all, who is more equal than them?

Muslims wishing to live in America and practice their religion and organize their own community affairs are free to do so, but must abide by the following parameters.

1. Accept protected status as dhimmis in the U.S.
2. Pay a jizya or special tax per family or individual.
3. No Muslim owned house or building is permitted to be taller than any structure owned by a non-Muslim.
4. Muslims must wear visibly distinguishable clothing such as tall conical hats, brightly colored pointy shoes, and a red crescent on all outer garments.
5.Muslims must take off their shoes when passing a church or synagogue and walk in the street and not on the side walk.
6. Muslims are not permitted to trike a non-Muslim physically, even in self defense or answer back to any insults.
7. Muslims may not testify in court against non-Muslims.

In case you find these restrictions to be punitive, barbaric or just plain inane, these are actual laws that have applied to Jews living in Arabia, Iraq, Syria, Iran, Lebanon, Egypt, Yemen,Algeria,Morocco,Tunisia and Libya at one time or another. They would still apply if there were any Jews left there. There are 25,000 still left in Iran who pretty much fear for their lives on a daily basis. Read the news to see how the Christians in these places are treated.

If these terms were good enough for Muslims to enforce on minority populations, then all things being equal, they should be fine for Muslims living here in the land of the free.

If these terms are unacceptable, then get out and stay out.

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Once upon a time in the east, mid-east that is, in the aftermath of the break up of the Ottoman Empire, a small nation was established.

Some might say that it was an artificial country even though it was designed to be the home state of an ancient non-Muslim people.

This little country was considered by many to a beacon or pied-a-tierre of western civilization on the shores of the eastern Mediterranean.

But Muslim Arabs had other plans.

Slowly, over many years, through, pressure, forced accommodation, Palestinian infiltration, murder, terror and other mayhem, Muslims made life practically unbearable for the non-Muslims for whom this nation was meant to be a haven.

Eventually it came to pass that the country was no longer recognizable as what it was meant to be and became just another brutal, repressive Islamist rogue state.

This is not a dire prediction of what will happen to Israel if it keeps making concessions to Arabs and others who wish it no good fortune,God forbid, even though it might sound like it.

This is not a prediction because it relates to events that have already happened.

This is not a prediction but rather a lesson.

This is not about what can happen to Israel but rather what has already happened to Lebanon.

Since the time of Jesus, Christians have lived in the area of Mount Lebanon. It was meant to be a Christian country just as Israel was meant to be a Jewish state.

Yet as you read this, the country of Lebanon is about to be dismantled and over run as were Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia seventy years ago.

This haven for Christians is being turned into a prison and graveyard for them, as it’s transformed into an aggressive Iranian satellite poised to kill within it’s own borders and without.

And the world is silent.

The silence of the American government and this administration is especially deafening.

I guess there is no reason to defend the persecuted if a finger can’t be pointed at the Jews.

But there will be time enough for that once the Christians are out of the way and Israel is forced to defend itself.

Remember what happened in 2006.

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In honor of Christmas, the Israeli team Latma (of “We Con the World” fame) have just released a YouTube video about how the Christians are persecuted in Muslim countries. The song is called “Jihad Bells”, and it’s a parody of, you guessed it, Jingle Bells. It is both factual, funny, and very apropos for the season and your website. It is 3:57 long, the first 1:22 is in Hebrew with professional English subtitles, but the song itself is in clear-spoken English. This video has the potential to be a hit among Aware Americans (a.k.a. conservatives), and I really want to see this go viral for the sake of not-so-educated Americans.

Jingle Bells Bethlehem style. Palestinian minister Fadiha with a special Christmas carol:

(h/t Reader Yehuda)

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The Party To End All Parties

Obama -- out to destroy America!

Obama wants change and it looks like we’re going to get it. The Democrats put this joker up as its nominee without ever proving he was eligible to be president.

Obama has refused to answer even the most fundamental questions about his life, and in so doing, he and the Dems are well on their way toward bringing America to her knees.

The Democrats did the same thing the last time they had a chance. An ugly, embarrassing and amazingly distracting protracted fight in the courts. (more…)

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Efforts to Reconcile Feuding Christian Factions Gain Steam Geagea ‘Ready’ to Meet Franjieh

BEIRUT – Maronite Patriarch Nasrallah Butros Sfeir briefed parliamentary majority leader Saad Hariri on Sunday on the Maronite League’s ongoing efforts to achieve reconciliation among rival Christian leaders. Hariri met Sfeir at the Maronite Institute in Rome, where the patriarch is staying to participate in a synod of bishops.

The one-hour meeting focused on the need to consolidate national unity in Lebanon.

Meanwhile, a reconciliation meeting between Lebanese Forces (LF) chief Samir Geagea and Marada Movement leader Suleiman Franjieh might be in the offing provided that some hurdles can be overcome, such as the latter’s insistence that Free Patriotic Movement leader MP Michel Aoun should attend.

Geagea said on Sunday that he was awaiting a response from the Maronite League to determine the time and place of his meeting with Franjieh.

“Relations between Christian parties are normal except for the relations between the LF and the Marada … I told the Maronite League that I am ready to meet Franjieh and I was told that he is willing to meet me,” Geagea told the pan-Arab daily Ash-Sharq al-Awsat in remarks to be published on Monday. (more…)

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Looks like deception runs freely in the B. Hussein Obama family…

Obama's GrannyFirst she tells the NYT she’s muslim, then she tells USA Today she’s Christian.

Which is it, Granny Hussein? Inquiring minds want to know.

See: Obama’s Grandmother Changes Islam Story

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