No living people — black or white — are responsible for what other black and white people did generations ago.

Some two-hundred years ago the white people sat on their porches and watched the black people do the work that needed to be done so the whites could live the life they wanted.

If the blacks didn’t produce enough to keep the whites happy, they paid the price.

In those days, this was called slavery.

Today, the black people sit on their porches and watch the white people work to pay the taxes that are necessary for the blacks to live the life they want.

If their welfare check is not enough to keep them happy, they complain about it, or they tear up a town to get the point across that they are unhappy.

It would appear to me that the only thing that has changed is the color of the slaves.

Acknowledge that some of our history was not pretty, then move forward.

Irony will likely never go away.


Forget the border fence. We need one built around Ferguson, Missouri and every other ghetto in this country!












And what about Homeland Security?

TMQ2 Reader feedback:

What will the Army do if called to fight armed civilians in U.S. streets?

The following is an email received by a friend from a 30 year Navy chief who seems to have his fingers into everything. I do question who this actually came from but, all I ask you to do is read it and think about what is stated in the piece. While some of you may dismiss it, remember, these old retired military guys have sources you will never have:

“When I asked my colleague, an Army Colonel, why he thinks Obama is doing this, the reply I received from this life-long soldier and Army leader shocked me.

“Paraphrasing him, this is what he told me in a nutshell.

“He said most branches of the service routinely engage in war games and come up with strategies and tactics on how to handle every type of military conflict and scenario that can be imagined. One of the big new battle scenarios being actively discussed in the military recently is how to handle civil unrest in the U.S. and fighting in the streets. What will the Army do if called in to fight armed civilians in the streets of the United States? How will that urban warfare be conducted? Will troops be able to fire upon other American citizens when they have taken an oath to protect American citizens?

“He said many in the military are discussing the very real possibility that Obama will attempt to stay in office beyond two terms. It’s speculated that Obama will do this by declaring a state of martial law. Continue reading “WILL OBAMA’S MILITARY FIRE ON U.S. CITIZENS?”

Liberal Media Won’t Tell ‘Niggers’ How to Behave

Hello ‘Nigger’ My Old Friend, Jesse Jackson’s Done It Again

Jesse Jackson said Barack Obama is “talking down to Black people — telling niggers how to behave,” all in the same taped clip when he said he wanted to cut Obamas balls off, or his nuts, or whatever.

In all parallel universes where the media isn’t dominated by ignorant English majors with a decidedly naive, idealistic, liberal bent (unfortunately, in high school when we told them to “get bent,” they took it literally), reporters and editors would have instantly known this was news spelled in huge caps. Big fucking news. But not here. Not these media gate-keepers. They kept this story from making the headlines. Why?

Could it be liberals feel it’s incumbent upon them to protect the “nigger” lifestyle (I’m just taking Jesse’s term and running with it). Obviously he feels he’s a nigger. I feel if he so desperately wants my respect, I should respect him enough to call him what he calls himself. Jesse Jackson’s a nigger. Nigger nigger nigger.

There Jesse, hope you feel better. Now that you have my respect, I assume you feel D I G N I D D Y.

A Brilliant Question

I was just asked via email:

What do you think of this concept…..Israeli and USA architects,
builders, etc….get together and construct exact duplicates of the
villages and environments the Palestinians fled from, but on ARAB
territory… Continue reading “A Brilliant Question”

A Liberal’s Article on “The Science of Racism”

Liberals have trouble talking about some issues. When they do, they go nuts. It’s too bad, because some issues are worth talking about. Like are women as good at math as men are? Or, are blacks and whites just as smart?

James Watson, Nobel Laureate, the father of DNA, said something along the lines that blacks aren’t as smart as whites. It raised a row. Then Henry Louis Gates Jr. hammered Watson with questions about race and genetics. Here’s what came of it… Continue reading “A Liberal’s Article on “The Science of Racism””

Permed-Out Pimp Gets Dissed by Foul-Mouthed Hip-Hopper

Al Sharpton receives no quarter from David Banner 

From Daily Hip-Hop News:

SOHH Exclusive: David Banner Revolts Against The Rev, “F**k Al Sharpton… He’s A Permed-Out Pimp”

Hip-Hop Star David BannerIn response to Reverend Al Sharpton’s recent rallies against hip-hop’s explicit lyrical content, SOHH caught up with rappers Talib Kweli and David Banner for their views on the political activist.

As previously reported by SOHH, Sharpton organized protests across the nation earlier this week, calling for the end of the music industry’s government funding, unless rap artists clean up its act. The reverend is specifically demanding the removal of the words n***er, b***h and h*e from rap recordings.

Now, members of the hip-hop community are speaking in their own defense against Sharpton’s crusade.

“First, I’m an artist and I’m gonna say what I want to say,” Talib Kweli told SOHH. “Nobody’s gonna tell me what I can or can’t say.

“[While] I do think that people like Al Sharpton and Oprah and Russell Simmons are our vanguards and our elders and that we should respect them,” the Brooklyn emcee continued. “They have been here representing for us since before even hip-hop was here. What they say is important and it’s relevant but I think we need our own leadership so that we can respectfully disagree and say ‘I hear you uncle Russell, I hear you Al Sharpton’ and be respectful about it. But we can’t cow tow to them either.”

A less diplomatic and more vocal David Banner also weighed in on the subject, saying that he is not and has never been a fan of Sharpton and that he is doing more to hurt the situation than to help.

Reverend Al Sharpton“The next time you see Al Sharpton, tell him I said @#*$ him and he can suck my @#*$,” an animated David Banner exclaimed. “I might change the name of my album from The Greatest Story Never Told to @#*$ Al Sharpton. I hate Al Sharpton. This is the kind of @#!* that I’m talking about. They’re killing kids in New Jersey and all across the country and all a @#*$% got to talk about is rap lyrics? @#*$ that about they’re our elders and we gotta respect them. I’m tired of this. They’re like the parents, but the parents are crucifying the kids.

“They tried to crucify Nelly and Akon…we need to come together because they’re only doing this because we’re not saying anything,” Banner added. “He’s [Sharpton] a permed-out pimp. Him and Jesse Jackson are out here charging people to do rallies with them. They’re more worried about their investors than our kids. Tell him David Banner said it.”

“@#*$%s talk a good game about we need to clean up the hood and the lyrics and all that. But I’m out here doing it. Who can say that?”

The irony here is that both are exactly right about the other.

(h/t HA)

Video: US Army Cavalry Scouts and Tankers

The Nation of Islam: The Other Terrorist Group (Updated)

It should come as no surprise that within the NOI, black on black violence mimics the Muslim on Muslim violence elsewhere in the world. It should also come as no surprise that Louis Farrakhan parallels terrorist leaders like Osama Bin Laden. Malcom X learned this the hard way. All of this is just the nature of Islam.

Politics, liberalism and fear are the only things standing in the way of dealing with the NOI as it should be dealt with, as a terrorist organization. Do either of these following organizations ring any bells: Your Black Muslim Bakery or the Black Panthers?

The NOI is a front group for terrorism, just like CAIR. As far as this Cracker is concerned, Farrakhan belongs at the end of a rope.

From Counterterrorism Blog:

More Overlooked History: Black Violence

If there was such a distinction as a Mainstream Journalism Award for Understatement, my nominee for 2007 would go to the Washington Post. On Friday, August 10, 2007, it published a front-page article by Karl Vick, entitled “For Some in Oakland, Editor’s Death Shows Subversion of Black Activism,” about the recent murder of Oakland Post editor Chauncey Bailey. Bailey’s alleged killer is Devaughndre Broussard, a 19-year old foot soldier in a local institution known as Your Black Muslim Bakery, who pegged Bailey with a shotgun and then proceeded to pump a second blast into his face.

The Washington Post suggested that the murder symbolizes that Oakland’s radical black movement “had over the years gone awry, and that the violence that infused parts of that tradition had been tolerated too long.”

Gosh, do you really think so? For some, it did not take the murder of a prominent black journalist in 2007 to realize this point
Oakland was, after all, the birth place of the Black Panthers. }} more…

Update: Also see “Murder of an Editor

Why did the Oakland Police do so Little about Your Black Muslim Bakery’s Thuggery?

Brutality by the Bay

by Christopher Hitchens

Here is the situation regarding the enterprise known as Your Black Muslim Bakery, located on San Pablo Avenue in Oakland, Calif. Its founder, a man named Yusuf Bey, was arrested in 2002 and charged with forcing an underage girl to have sex. Subsequent investigation suggested that he had a long history of rape and abuse of his followers and had by this means fathered numerous children out of wedlock. Bey died in September 2003 before his case could come to trial. His son Yusuf Bey IV has since been arrested twice, first on suspicion of leading a gang that had trashed two Oakland liquor stores and intimidated their owners, and second (and perhaps less Islamically) for running over a San Francisco bouncer with his car. Nedir Bey, one of Yusuf Bey’s “spiritually adopted” sons, is also alleged to have beaten a possible business rival with a flashlight, while another member of the gang tortured the victim with a heated knife. }} more…