Please Respond to the Addresses Below!

A request from Mychal Massie of the Daily Rant:

I am receiving dozens of emails every day from primarily the same people with a sprinkling of new decrying a crime of violence committed by or attributed to a black person.  First of all, sending me these emails is a waste of time and serves no useful purpose.  Secondly, I’m not at all convinced that some who are sending me these things are not trying to foment the violence themselves.  And finally, sending these things to me and everyone else on your contact list accomplishes nothing.

On or about July 26, I detailed a simplistic “how-to” for people to start a campaign that, if followed, will have significant impact on the cabal of race-mongers who exploit white-on-black crimes while ignoring black-on-white and that includes the media.  But instead, many continue to complain to one another and send emails to the same people every day rather than send the email I sent out a month ago telling people how to start making a difference.

My plan will only work if you the people commit to doing what I’m asking of you at least once a week.  I do not expect that my plan will have an immediate effect, but if you commit to doing what I’m asking of you, and if you commit to sending this email to as many of your contacts as possible, and if your contacts do the same, and people follow through as I’m asking — my plan will have significant impact.  First class postal mail must be opened to check for donations, etc., emails are simply deleted.

Once again here’s what I need you to do. Below you will find the addresses of Obama, Holder, Sharpton, and the NAACP. I want you to send a stamped letter to them every time (or at least once a week) you read or hear about blacks murdering other blacks and/or black thugs assaulting, raping, stabbing, shooting or murdering a person(s) who is not black. I want the letter to mention the violent crime and ask the question in Bold Red Letters “Where Is Your Outrage?” You can also print out and include an article about the crime or cut an article out of the newspaper and include it. It is imperative that we make no threats, and that we do not use profanities or intimidation of any kind. We are to simply include information about whatever black crime of violence against a non-black person and/or black-on-black violent crime, and be sure to inscribe in Bold Red Letters “Where Is Your Outrage?”

They will have to address our question, they will not be able to ignore our question forever, and even though they will try to ignore us at first, we will ultimately expose their immoral and duplicitous double standards in a way it has not been done before. Are you with me? Let’s see how they respond to hundreds of thousands of letters pouring in over the next period of months asking that question. (Be sure to share this with your family, friends, and all of your social sites contacts.)

  • Al Sharpton  National Action Network  106 W. 145th Street  Harlem, New York 10039  (212) 690-3070
  • Al Sharpton NAN Corporate Offices  561 Seventh Ave. 14th Floor  New York, New York 10018  646-380-2000
  • Barack Obama  The White House  1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW  Washington, DC 20500
  • NAACP National Headquarters 4805 Mt. Hope Drive  Baltimore, MD 21215  Local: 410-580-5777 Toll Free: 877-NACCP-98
  • Eric Holder, Attorney General U.S. Department of Justice  950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW  Washington, DC 20530-0001