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Poisoning the well



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The Arrogance of Oby-Dick

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From NewsMax:

Freedom Watch Sues to Block Obama’s Gun Control Initiative

Oblamer-002The conservative group Freedom Watch is suing the White House task force that led to the gun control proposals offered by President Barack Obama Wednesday.

Freedom Watch’s suit is based on the argument that the White House group conducted illegal meetings with lobbyists without public notice that’s required. The suit, which was filed in Florida federal court, seeks to eliminate the task force and prevent any of its proposals from becoming law, The Hill reports.

The 1972 Federal Advisory Committee Act requires presidential task forces that include non-federal government officials to meet in public and publish notice of meetings in the Federal Register 15 days ahead of time.

President Obama and Vice President Biden have thumbed their nose at the law and instead been holding closed door meetings with special interest lobbyists on both sides of the issue,” Freedom Watch founder Larry Klayman said in a written statement. “The American people, whose rights to gun ownership stem from colonial times and are enshrined in the U.S. Constitution, are being illegally shut out of the process.”

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Obama is going to be the Democratic nominee for president this year, it’s now unofficially official. With that said, there’s no time like the present to reprint a post that appeared in the online version of The Weekly Standard on April 8, 2008.

Obama Knows Best

And now a letter from a McCainiac:
Barack Obama has demonstrated new heights of arrogance and provided fresh insight into his foreign policy designs. (more…)

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