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With Barack Obama, a Black-Christian with Muslim roots, on the brink of becoming the President of the Free World, I want to remind people of another individual who was also seen as somewhat messianic. The other person I am referring to is Jesus.

Because I’m Jewish, my role as a Jew in the world is never going to go away. I live, eat and breathe my mission in everything I say and do, as my gentle readers know only too well.

Whether you prefer to think of me, and of other Jews as well, as being chosen or as choosing, we Jews took on the yoke of spreading God’s word around the world. I call it God’s word. Call it what you will. Even if you don’t believe in God, that’s fine with me. To me, what we’re spreading is an ethical set of concepts designed to make the world and people better and more civilized.

Jews accepted the concept that we would try to obey 613 rules while at the same time, we Jews would also try to get non-Jews to obey 7 rules. (more…)

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Francophiles often have the name Franc. Ezra Pound’s last name was Pound. Lots of Germans are named Mark or Herr Marx. Jews and Gentiles alike. But in America no one is named Mr. Dollar. Lots of people named William are called Bill. Even the Dollar and the Buffalo are called Bill. But why, in a proud country of over 300 million, is no one, Jew or Gentile, named Mr. Dollar?

Perhaps it’s for the same reason that Paul rarely called Jesus merely Jesus. He always preferred to call him either “Jesus Christ” or “Christ Jesus,” or “the Lord Jesus Christ.” When Paul called Jesus “Christ,” he meant Jesus was the man on Earth through whom God was working. The “Christ” title is the Greek form of the Hebrew word meaning anointed (messiah).

Obama HitlerWasn’t it Louis Farrakhan, former leader of the NOI (Nation of Islam) who called Barack Obama “The Anointed One”?

Although the anointed one can refer to a king or to someone anointed to rule for God, when referring to a man the term is usually used to mean a man who has a special role to play in the purpose of God. When Louis Farrakhan talks about God, he’s talking about Allah. And when he speaks of Obama, he means, he, Farrakhan is a prophet, and he is telling us that Obama’s role is to fulfill Allah’s purposes here on Earth.

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Jesus wasn’t the son of God. Nor was he the messiah. Nor was he God. Each of these ideas originate in misinterpretations of words and what they used to mean. For instance, Paul the Apostle was the first to call Jesus the “Son of God.” At that time, when the term was used in Israel, it (more…)

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