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That was quick! It only took left-wing, anti-Semitic, cowardly Youtube eight hours to censor and remove this video in order to appease our terrorist enemies in Hamas.

But believe me, folks, these Hamas Neanderthals were making serious “love” to this innocent goat.

Caught on video!

Hamas terrorists gang raping a helpless goat.

Violence? Who do they mean, the goat or the Hamas goat fuckers?

After Israel kills them all, I wonder how these horny Hamas fools are going to take the news that their 72 virgins are all billy goats?

Speaking for the stars in this video, I’d say they’ll make no issue of it. Cock a doodle do, any goat will do!

So much for paradise and the 72 virgins that were purportedly promised by Islam’s non-prophet, Mohammad, the pedophile, murderer, and maniac with the tiniest penis in the history of humanoids.

– – –

Now it seems the goats are out for some payback!

Goats get some payback...
Angry Goat gets some payback from Hamas terrorist!


Today we received another in a plethora of past negative email messages proving once again that not only does TMQ2 blog anger Islamofascists, but it first attracts them as readers—this is our primary mission.

We hammer away at the radical teachings and evilness of Islam’s death cult as well as attack their murderous, backward way of life. We exploit this information as bait to catch them in our “angry Islamofascist” net.

For the purposes of security, TMQ2 has a policy of not responding to our emails unless we know the identity of the sender. In this case, we immediately surmised that the sender was unknown; a foreigner, based on his English syntax; was most likely from the Middle East; and most likely Muslim.

After doing a reverse DNS look up on his IP address, we traced the origin of the email to PTCL (Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited) in Islamabad (PK). So, we were correct with our first conclusions. And to top all of this off was his apparent intolerance with our entire blog, at least that’s our conclusion since he did not specify what he wanted us to remove.

Here is a copy of the email:

Name: Johnson
Message: I hate all this remove this type of things from here.Please
Time: December 30, 2013 at 14:50
IP Address:
Contact Form URL:
Sent by an unverified visitor to your site.

Here’s our reply to his email:

Dear John,

Wow. A John Smith from Pakistan. Who’d a thunk it?

Sure thing, John, we’ll delete our entire blog just because you told us to, and with a “Please” to boot…


Since American Infidels believe in freedom of speech and expression, and since we are tolerant of other religions and points of view as long as they are actually a religion and peaceful, and since we don’t give a flying fuck about what you want or tell us to do, please hit the bricks and rejoin the circle-jerk you and your camel-ball-licking homeys were having.

We will write anything we want, anytime we want, and you can either shut the fuck up and like it, or you can stop visiting our blog. Islam sucks, you suck, and your man-loving Islamotard friends suck. However, dolts like you make our day. As you can see, we always try to find something good in all the bad. You should try it sometime.

Please keep coming back because we know how much Islamofascists love to rage, so we promise to keep the fodder flying in order to feed your rage cannons (read: tiny penises and big mouths).

Have a nice day,

The staff of TMQ2 Blog

P.S. I forgot to mention that Muhammed also sucked (if he actually existed), and there is no Allah, just the Judeo-Christian God, so Allah sucks too. Put that in your Hookah and smoke it before some American soldier, Sailor, Airman, or Marine smokes you.

 – – –


Click on graphic below to read the story behind it.

Islamic Rage Boy
Porkedelic Islamic Rage Boy


Listen up you psycho, murdering, jihadists. Your non-prophet has some words for you straight from the unholy Qrap’an:


Muslim Chickenp7S.23 Allah says,

“Say: ’0 people of the Book, do not be excessive in your religion’ ” (Koran 4:171).

(Qurtubi:) “… both excessiveness and remissness are evil, and both may be unbelief” (al-Jami’ Ii ahkam at-Qur’an (y1l7), 6.21).

The (non)Prophet said,

“Beware of going to extremes, for those before you were only destroyed through excessiveness. ”

(Munawi:) Ibn Taymiya says, “His saying ‘Beware of going to extremes in religion’ is a general prohibition applying to all types of extremes, whether in beliefs or works”

Do you see where it states “…both excessiveness and remissness are evil, and both may be unbelief”?

Do you idiots murder innocent people in the name if Islam?

Of course you do. This among other barbaric deeds is excessive by any standards, especially by your Allah and his non-prophet’s standards.

All jihadists are excessive, remiss, and evil, therefore all of you are unbelievers who violate the unholy Qrap’an.

So, do your Allah and his nut job (non)prophet child-molester, Muhammad, and the rest of the world a favor by slitting your own throats, you plethora of cowardly infidel dogs.

May pigs shit inside your filthy mouths as you sleep butt-to-bone with your jihad-buddy-boyfriends.



This woman — unlike most of her fellow Muslims — is no coward. She deserves our respect and protection against the jihadi cowards.

Dr. Qanta Ahmed is Associate Professor of Medicine at the State University of New York (Stony Brook)
Dr. Qanta Ahmed is Associate Professor of Medicine at the State University of New York (Stony Brook)

As Israel considers building a new fence to contain the Syrian conflict to the north, which fences can keep out Hamas’s even more lethal ideologies? While Gaza and the Muslim Arab world continue to claim victory in the recent Israel-Hamas conflict, for the sane observers among us, there is only ever defeat – the defeat of morality in the desecration of a great religion. While most Muslims laud Hamas and scorn Israel, for me, an observing Muslim, Israel’s war against Hamas remains my struggle – my jihad.

Israel’s eight-day operation “Pillar of Defense” sought to dismantle the Hamas apparatus from within Gaza. The predictably seamless alignment of the Muslim world against Israel was even more breathtaking than usual in the face of Syria’s 22 months of systematic genocide, one which has consistently failed to trigger unanimous Muslim protest. What does this say about us as Muslims?

We are hypocrites. Continue reading “MUSLIM WOMAN DECLARES ‘ISRAEL’S JIHAD IS MINE’”


After reviewing some stats for our wonderful love blog, I notice how popular the Islam Photo of the Day: Sexy Hijab post has been and the reaction it’s generated.

Curiously I Googled the words ‘hijab sex’ and was, in .03 seconds offered 12 million options, most of which appeared to make our site look like a kindergarten.

It leads me to believe that those who criticize us for being disrespectful are still-in-the-closet gay Muslims, or the stars of some of the twelve million posted videos of Muslim sluts getting porked in hijabs.

The Muslim Brotherhood’s Secret Plan to ‘Destroy Western Civilization from within’

Know Thine Enemy

“Allah is our objective; the Prophet is our leader; the Quran is our law; Jihad is our way; dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope.”

[I’m all for their dying part. Let’s help them along with this process. The only good member of the Muslim Brotherhood is a dead member of the Muslim Brotherhood. — Lance, Admin.]

Does that sound like the motto of a nice, peaceful, non-violent, secular organization? President Obama and his national intelligence director James Clapper think so.

But contrary to the perversely rosy assessment of America’s top leadership, the Muslim Brotherhood – the shadowy, transnational Islamist parent organization of al-Qaida and Hamas – is committed not only to filling the growing leadership vacuum in the Arab world, but also, through its many proxies within the U.S, to impose the Quran and Shariah law right here in America. Continue reading “The Muslim Brotherhood’s Secret Plan to ‘Destroy Western Civilization from within’”

Obama The Anointed One

Francophiles often have the name Franc. Ezra Pound’s last name was Pound. Lots of Germans are named Mark or Herr Marx. Jews and Gentiles alike. But in America no one is named Mr. Dollar. Lots of people named William are called Bill. Even the Dollar and the Buffalo are called Bill. But why, in a proud country of over 300 million, is no one, Jew or Gentile, named Mr. Dollar?

Perhaps it’s for the same reason that Paul rarely called Jesus merely Jesus. He always preferred to call him either “Jesus Christ” or “Christ Jesus,” or “the Lord Jesus Christ.” When Paul called Jesus “Christ,” he meant Jesus was the man on Earth through whom God was working. The “Christ” title is the Greek form of the Hebrew word meaning anointed (messiah).

Obama HitlerWasn’t it Louis Farrakhan, former leader of the NOI (Nation of Islam) who called Barack Obama “The Anointed One”?

Although the anointed one can refer to a king or to someone anointed to rule for God, when referring to a man the term is usually used to mean a man who has a special role to play in the purpose of God. When Louis Farrakhan talks about God, he’s talking about Allah. And when he speaks of Obama, he means, he, Farrakhan is a prophet, and he is telling us that Obama’s role is to fulfill Allah’s purposes here on Earth.

The Islamic Invasion

Muslims have done more to foment the hatred of Muslims and Muslim societies than anyone could have imagined. Way back in 1992 Robert Morey wrote a book entitled “The Islamic Invasion: Confronting the World’s Fastest Growing Religion,” in which he went out of his way to warn the West of what was coming our way. Of course we ignored him. And of course, he was stridently denounced by Muslims of every kind. Here’s a dated review of Morey’s book. It was written way back when people actually believed most lying Muslims, like the author of the following review. But first, a little about author of “The Islamic Invasion,” Robert Morey.

Robert Morey has written several books. In each he tries to reveal Islam for what he truly believes it is. In The Islamic Invasion, he challenges the Islamic claims that Allah is the same God as that of the Bible, Morey explains why Muhammad was not God’s prophet, but rather something I like to call a not-for-prophet, and Morey explains why the Quran does not contain the words of God.

By my way of thinking, these are all valid topics to write about.

Morey predicts World War III will be caused by Islam, which as predictions go, this one is pretty much a no-brainer. In 2001, on the heels of 9/11, Morey advised the United States State Department to blow up Mecca and Medina (Muslim holy cities). He believed such a strategy would help us rapidly win the war on terror. Later, he was quoted as saying the State Department had not taken his advice because it is “full of wusses.”

In 1998 Daniel Pipes said Morey “sees Islam primarily as ‘a form of cultural imperialism’ that seeks to impose the ways of seventh-century Arabia on twentieth-century America.” I don’t necessarily agree with everything Daniel Pipes says, but he did put Morey’s views of Islam quite accurately. Too bad Pipes didn’t have the balls to agree with Morey back then.

So here’s some idiot’s dated review of Morey’s book (okay, technically, the guy’s probably not an idiot, but you know what I mean):

THE ISLAMIC INVASION: Confronting the World’s Fastest Growing Religion, by Robert Morey, Harvest House Publishers, Eugene, OR 97402, 1992, 187 pages.

This book consists of six parts and eleven chapters. In his introduction to the book Morey shows his disdain of Islam spreading in the West. In the first three chapters he tries to condemn Islam by use of a parable, claiming that Islam is based on ancient Arab pagan culture, denying that Arabs of the Arabian peninsula were descendants of Ishmael and attacking Muslim life in general. Continue reading “The Islamic Invasion”

Talking About Katrina

First read: Allah Caused the Iowa Floods

Bertha Becomes Season’s First Hurricane
The strengthening storm is about 845 miles east of the northern Leeward Islands.

MIAMI — Hurricane Bertha continues to strengthen as it moves over the central Atlantic Ocean. As yet, no one is blaming this storm on the gays. No one has blamed the Jews, saying they’re trying to kill themselves to get sympathy for Israel. Muslims haven’t said it’s Allah’s work, trying to drown the Jews because they insist on living legitimately in the Jewish State. No one has implied God is behind whatever evils lurk in Bertha’s winds. But give the crazies time.

As of 11 a.m. EDT today, the Atlantic season’s first hurricane was centered about 775 miles east of the northern Leeward Islands. National Hurricane Center forecasters say Bertha is expected to turn in the general direction of Bermuda.

Maximum sustained winds have increased to speeds of 90 mph with higher gusts. Some strengthening is expected during the next 24 hours, and forecasters say Bertha could become a Category 2 hurricane later Monday.

Bertha is headed west-northwest at about 15 mph and is expected to slow down in the next couple of days.