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Liberals are as much our enemy as radical Muslims.

They are UN-American, hate this country and our Constitution.

We should treat them as our enemy and wipe out or deport them.

Death to liberals, or at least beat them down.

Castrate and/or neuter them.

Let’s start with Hollywood, Obama, Al Franken, Chuck Shumer and Nancy Pelosi!

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Word has it that due to the popularity of the “Survivor” shows, Texas is planning to do one entitled: “Survivor – Texas-Style!”

The contestants will all start in Dallas, drive to Waco, Austin, San Antonio, then over to Houston and down to Brownsville. They will then proceed through Mission, up to Del Rio, El Paso, Odessa/Midland, Lubbock, and Amarillo. From there they will go on to Abilene, Fort Worth and finally back to Dallas. Each contestant will be driving a pink Prius with 15 bumper stickers which will read:

1. “I’m A Democrat”

2. “Amnesty For Illegals”

3. “I Love The Dixie Chicks”

4. “Boycott Beef”

5. “I Voted For Obama”

6. ” George Strait can’t sing”

7. ” Elect Hillary In 2016″

8. ” Vote Eric Holder Texas Governor”

9. “I Love Obama Care and Chuck Schumer”

10. “Al Franken Is My Hero”

11. “I Side With Jane Fonda”

12. “It’s Bush’s Fault”

13. “Islam Is A Peace-Loving Religion”

14. “Gays are okay”

And the last sticker is…

15. “I’m Here To Confiscate Your Guns”

The first contestant to make it back to Dallas alive wins.


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Ann CoulterIt’s the Christmas season, so godless liberals are citing the Bible to demand the redistribution of income by government force. Didn’t Jesus say, “Blessed are the Health and Human Services bureaucrats, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven”?

Liberals are always indignantly accusing conservatives of claiming God is on our side. What we actually say is: We’re on God’s side, particularly when liberals are demanding God’s banishment from the public schools, abortion on demand, and taxpayer money being spent on Jesus submerged in a jar of urine and pictures of the Virgin Mary covered with pornographic photos.

But for liberals like Al Franken, it’s beyond dispute that Jesus would support extending federal unemployment insurance.

This has absolutely nothing to do with the Bible, but it does nicely illustrate Shakespeare’s point that the “devil can cite Scripture for his purpose.” (more…)

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Ann CoulterIt’s bad enough that the Republican Party can’t prevent Democrats from voting in its primaries and saddling us with The New York Times’ favorite Republican as our presidential nominee. If the Republican Party can’t protect an election won by the incumbent U.S. senator in Minnesota, there is no point in donating to the Republican Party.

The day after the November election, Republican Sen. Norm Coleman had won his re-election to the U.S. Senate, beating challenger Al Franken by 725 votes.

Then one heavily Democratic town miraculously discovered 100 missing ballots. And, in another marvel, they were all for Al Franken! It was like a completely evil version of a Christmas miracle.  (more…)

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Ann CoulterUntil now, Minnesota was always famous for its clean elections. Indeed, Democratic consultant Bob Beckel recently attested to the honesty of Minnesota’s elections, joking: “Believe me. I’ve tried. I’ve tried every way around the system out there, and it doesn’t work.”

But that was before Minnesota encountered the pushiest, most aggressive, most unscrupulous person who has ever sought public office, Al Franken. (more…)

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And those who believe their bullshit….

Spreaders: CAIR, the Flying Imams, The Muslim Brotherhood, Osama Bin Laden, and pretty-much any other terrorist or terrorist front group, to name a few.

Believers: Liberal appeasers like Pelosi, Reid, most of the Democratic Party, MsM, Rosie O’Donnell, Sean Penn, and the entire EU, to name a few.

Islamofascist Propaganda

Here’s a great example of Muslim propaganda, spread with the help of liberal PBS: CAIR Propaganda Featured in ‘The Muslim Americans’ Program on PBS

(h/t Cox and Forkum)

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For All Those Who Would Attempt to Silence Us…

This is what we have to say to all those who would attempt to silence or abuse our right to free speech:

The perpetratorsAAI (Zogbys), CAIR (Nihad Awad), Google/Blogger, MSN, Digg, Islamists, Islamofascists, IslamoNazis, anti-Semites, fifth-column liberal gang bangers, terrorist appeasers and apologists, hateful imams, renegade Ayatollahs, murdering terrorists, Mujahideen sissies, jihadi dorks, angry mullahs, Flying Imam terrorists, moderate Muslims who don’t rise up against their radical brothers, the Muslim Brotherhood (circle jerk), militant Muslim clerics, intolerant Muslims, and the liberal MsM, to name a few.


The truth hurts, doesn’t it? Read us and weep.

Also see: Digg Censors and Bans tmq2 for Posting the Truth About Terrorism

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Read all about it, and get yours here.


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by Lance

Al Franken is running for the Senate. The liberal idiot from Minnesota, the same glorious state (I use the word “state” loosely) that gave us Keith X Hakim Muhammad Ellison the Nation of Islam (NOI) convert, Farrakhan flunky, and CAIR‘s puppet. Keith X, the intolerant Muslim who calls the cops on his Congressional colleague for smoking a cigar.

God please help us! The Devil seems to be winning!

(ht Hot Air)

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