Thursday – Christine Blasey Ford’s Karma runs over her Dogma.

Dems eat crow.

Friday – Judge Brett Kavanaugh confirmed.

Dems eat crow.

This week – Judge Brett Kavanaugh confirmed

Dems eat crow.

November – Republicans keep House and Senate.

Dems eat crow.

2020 – Trump reelected.

Dems eat crow.

Hey Mitch McConnell!

Any GOP who votes against Kavanaugh should be stripped of all assignments & instead made Chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Go F– Yourself.

Get hot, Senator!

It appears the GOP finally grew some balls.

EMERGENCY REPORT: Signed Executive Orders reveal Trump is planning mass arrests, military tribunals for deep state traitors like Comey, Clinton and Obama

Posted on Sept. 24, 2018 by Mike Adams


As the documents cited here clearly show, President Trump is planning to carry out mass arrests of deep state traitors, including Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, James Comey and even Barack Obama. This is fully covered, with accompanying documentation from the U.S. Federal Register, in the links and video below.

The confirmation of Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court is the key to getting this done in a timely manner, which explains why the deranged Left is going to such outrageous extremes to fabricate false allegations against Kavanaugh and stage coordinated, well-funded protests to try to block the U.S. Senate from confirming him.

Once Kavanaugh is on the court, it will add the necessary support for constitutional “emergency powers” that concentrate power in the executive branch of government during times of war and national emergencies.

FACT: The United States has been operating under a state of declared war since September, 2001, following the 9/11 attacks.

FACT: The United States has been operating under a declared national emergency, signed by President Trump, since December 20, 201. In this detailed video analysis, I lay out the evidence for President Trump’s plan to issue mass arrests of deep state traitors, then try them for treason under military tribunals. This is justified and lawful because the acts being committed against the United States of America by deep state traitors are acts of treason during a time of declared war. It is no coincidence that President Trump has deliberately funded the U.S. Pentagon with its most massive budgets ever conceived. This is because the Pentagon has agreed to run the military arrests of deep state traitors, under the direction of the Commander-In-Chief, President Trump. President Trump, I believe, has decided to go to bat for America and utterly destroy the anti-American deep state crime ring that has been working for years to destroy this nation and end its national sovereignty. This will be Trump’s legacy. He may not even run for re-election after 2020, since his entire plan to arrest the traitors and restore the rule of law in America will require him to step aside once certain goals are accomplished (see detailed explanation below). Note that in order to accomplish this, President Trump will need to declare temporary martial law. He will need our support during this time to maintain order and civility across the nation as the arrests and trials of deep state traitors are under way. We should all expect mass violence and chaos from the Left, which is following the “Rules for Radicals,” a blueprint for communist revolts and violent overthrow attempts of governments.See the documents for yourself… this is all posted on the U.S. Federal Register government website

Here are the links to the documents cited in this comprehensive video:

Document #1: Executive Order 13818, signed December 20, 2017. “Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption.” This document specifically describes the crimes of Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, James Comey and Robert Mueller under the “corruption” section, alluding to the Uranium One scandal and Obama’s multi-billion dollar money laundering operation that handed nuclear weapons capabilities to Iran. It says that the executive order targets, “any foreign person determined by the Secretary of the Treasury, in consultation with the Secretary of State and the Attorney General… to be a current or former government official, or a person acting for or on behalf of such an official, who is responsible for or complicit in, or has directly or indirectly engaged in… corruption, including the misappropriation of state assets, the expropriation of private assets for personal gain, corruption related to government contracts or the extraction of natural resources, or bribery…” This describes precisely what Clinton, Comey, Mueller, Obama, Brennan, McCabe and others carried out under the Obama regime. These are more than just felony federal crimes; they are acts of treason against the United States of America, carried out during a time of declared war. From that document, here is President Trump’s declared national emergency: I therefore determine that serious human rights abuse and corruption around the world constitute an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security, foreign policy, and economy of the United States, and I hereby declare a national emergency to deal with that threat.

Document #2: Executive Order 13618, signed July 6, 2012 by President Obama. “Assignment of National Security and Emergency Preparedness Communications Functions” This executive order grants the President absolute control over all U.S. media, including internet tech giants (social media), news networks and news websites. It specifically names:…communications that support Continuity of Government; Federal, State, local, territorial, and tribal emergency preparedness and response communications; non-military executive branch communications systems; critical infrastructure protection networks; and non-military communications networks, particularly with respect to prioritization and restoration…Document #3: Executive Order 13825, signed March 1, 2018. “2018 Amendments to the Manual for Courts-Martial, United States”Although much more difficult to read, this document essentially establishes the preservation of the government’s right to prosecute crimes of treason and deep state collusion against America, all of which may be prosecuted via military tribunals under existing U.S. law. This would allow deep state traitors to be arrested by military police and subjected to military trials run by the Pentagon, completely bypassing the corrupt court system which has been deliberately stacked with complicit deep state traitors and “resistance” judges. To accomplish this, President Trump must announce temporary martial law.

TRENDING:  Trump to Issue Executive Order Investigating Social Media Giants For Discriminating Against Conservatives

For starters, Barack Obama personally authorized the illegal “spygate” spying on Trump campaign officials. Barack Obama also allowed China to hack 21 million U.S. military personnel records, effectively dumping the entire U.S. Pentagon database into the hands of Communist China.For a full, detailed explanation of Obama’s treasonous crimes against America, watch this extremely important video from REAL.video (it has been banned from YouTube for obvious reasons).



Dems are in a feigned uproar about the likely false allegation of Judge Kavanaugh attacking Christine Blasey Ford in high school, yet somehow they are silent about Rep. Keith Ellison’s abuse of his one time girlfriend.


We all know it’s just another DNC hit job.

Dems can’t play fair and win, so they lie, lie, lie.

Just ask Justice Clarence Thomas about Anita Hill. 

Sara Carter had a piece on her website today, 

Keith Ellison Abuse Accuser: Democrats Have “Isolated” Me

The woman who accused Democrat Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison of domestic abuse claims she has been “smeared, threatened and isolated” by the Democrat party.

Last month, former girlfriend and Sierra Club activist, Karen Monahan came forward and accused Ellison of physical and mental abuse. While Ellison acknowledged his relationship with Monahan, he denies the allegations.

Fox News reports:

Monahan slammed the Democratic Party for its response to her allegations when compared to its treatment of Christine Blasey Ford. Ford has accused Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of attempting to force himself onto her during at a high school party nearly four decades ago, prompting prominent Democrats to get behind Ford’s allegations.

“I’ve been smeared, threatened, isolated from my own party…”

“No, they don’t,” Monahan tweeted in response to a question whether the party believes women’s stories. “I’ve been smeared, threatened, isolated from my own party. I provided medical records from 2017, stating on two different Dr. Visits, I told them about the abuse and who did it. My therapist released records stating I have been dealing with and healing from the abuse.”

She added: “Four people, including my supervisor at the time, stated that I came to them after and shared the exact story I shared publicly, I shared multiple texts between me and Keith, where I discuss the abuse with him and much more. As I said before, I knew I wouldn’t be believed.”

Democrats will be around as long as stupid people swallow their bull shit.

They are clearly enemies to this country but they have enough gullible members to stay alive.

If the Democrats do somehow prevent Kavanaugh from being seated on the Supreme Court, then we should do whatever it takes to block every appointment they proffer from now on.

Abortion is so important to them that they will sell their souls for it.

Shame on the evil DNC.

The word hypocrite comes to mind here.

If they regain power in November, then America as we know it is doomed.

Don’t be stupid.

Vote red in November and in 2020.

Muhammad’s Little Penis

By Shlomo

We in the West insist on carefully reexamining and rereading every detail about Muhammad, especially because Muslims the world over have gone to such great lengths to illustrate how important Muhammad is and what he looked like.

Because it might offend some of our readers, no full body illustrations of a buck-naked Muhammad are shown here. There’s plenty of Jesus material on the internet, what with all those naked renditions of Jesus on the cross, and when his penis is covered, the thin little hanky hardly hides the enormity of Jesus’ package. So we won’t be redundant.

From the Bible, we know David, unlike Goliath, was not very tall. And thanks to Michelangelo’s graphic imagination, we all know precisely what Michelangelo saw each time he summoned David’s penis in his mind’s eye.

I must proffer, that never has a single Christian or Jew had a cat fit over such depictions.

Nor have we ever insisted on seeing Muhammad with his clothes off. However, after all the nonsense and killings – thanks to the cartoons published in a Danish newspaper – Christians, Jews, Hindus and Muslims alike have earned the right to get equal time, not only to see Muhammad’s face and physique, but also to see Muhammad’s penis.

It’s no longer possible for anyone anywhere to be so ignorant as to imagine Muslims don’t get excited when they also see a picture of Muhammad, so we too feel we deserve the right to see him in all his glory.

And of course, it’s not just his penis we’re interested in, but by the day we’re all boning up and learning as much as we can about everything there is to know about Muhammad – his life, his writings, and of course, his penis.

Plus, because Muslims have been whining about how humiliated they were over Abu Ghraib, we thought they would be more than happy to show us their stuff. So we inquired, wanting to learn as much as possible about Muslim successes, their cultures, accomplishments, and friends – so we could share all that is impressive with you here. And especially, we have done our best to learn about what makes Muhammad so great.

After writing so many articles about Islam, readers have been asking over and over, but what about Muhammad’s penis?

So due to popular demand, here it is:

Even if you thought there was scant evidence upon which to describe that part of Muhammad’s body, you’d be wrong. My favorite hadith that seems to tell us all we have to know is found in: sahih Bukhari Volume 7, Book 62, Number 64:

Here it tells us about ‘Aisha…

“the prophet married her when she was six years old and he consummated his marriage when she was nine years old.”

We know from Quran verses 33:37, 44:54, and 52:20 that Bukhari used zawaj and nikah to mean marriage. We also know according to the hadith that the important word is not nikah, but udkhilath.

In Arabic the meaning of the word dakhala is clear. The root of the verb udkhilath is dakhala which means to enter (insert, enter, pierce, penetrate, drive into, thrust, to consummate a marriage; For a complete list of Quranic verses containing the word dakhala, go here).

There is no question whatsoever, based on all the best scholars’ work, that Muhammad had sexual intercourse with ‘Aisha when she was nine years old.

We know ‘Aisha was made his bride when she was still a virgin. Thus, Muhammad married her when she was but a little girl, and then he consummated the marriage when she got big enough for him to fit his erect member inside her.

Because ‘Aisha’s 9-year-old vagina was so narrow, we know the only way Muhammad could have had sex with her was because his penis was also very narrow. Hence, Muhammad is known to have had a “pencil dick.” However, when referring to Muhammad, many have argued that the more appropriate term is “needle dick.”

These metaphors…blah blah

Either way, in Arabic the meaning is the same.




Ahmed. I’m so bummed. The Supreme Court just outlawed the teaching of Islamic tenants and Sharia law in US schools.

Boo hoo hoo.

Next they’ll outlaw our torture of animals and women, rape, fucking our beloved goats, and wearing pajamas in public.



Boo hoo hoo…


Why do Muslims think it’s any of their business where Israel places its Capital?

It’s absolutely none of their business and any Muslim that approaches the subject should be summarily flogged and jailed.

How would Muslims like it if we told them where Mecca had to be moved?

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