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May Their Memory Be A Blessing

The Israelis know how to do this correctly.

On the Israeli Memorial Day at 11 AM a siren is sounded for two minutes and the entire country comes to a halt.

People stop whatever they are doing; cars stop on highways and the vehicles empty out for two minutes of silence to honor the fallen.

I remember back when Decoration Day as my mother referred to it was always on May 30, and not conveniently placed on the last Monday in May to create a three day weekend inaugurating summer.

There was always a parade with drum and bugle corps, bands, twirlers, close order drill teams and veterans, marching from city hall to the church, where there was a cemetery  for veterans of the Civil War, and the ceremonies were capped with speeches and a lone bugle sounding taps.

When I was in the high school band I got to be in the parade in my blue uniform with its epaulets, piping, and silver buttons, that would be the envy of any Fifth Avenue doorman.

It was a time when the day was celebrated  in towns across the country this way and not running to buy up bedding or furniture at cut rate sale prices.

It all seemed to come crashing down around eleventh grade when a substantial number of band mates refused to participate because honoring the dead in their minds glorified war and they couldn’t support anything harmful to Vietnamese children or water buffaloes.

Suffice it to say there weren’t enough of us to field a team and I was back to observer status.

In spite of all of that, it was still a time when the rights of felons and communists did not garner precedent over We The People.

So this weekend in the midst of flipping burgers or stuffing another set of towels into the shopping cart, stop for one lousy stinking minute, and remain silent for those who died, and most likely died horribly, defending our nation.

Jesus may have died for your past sins but the American serviceman and woman continue to die for you to be able to keep sinning.

Happy Memorial Day


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A little bit of history behind Angel Flights:

Angel Flights are the U.S. Air Force C-130 airplanes used to fly home our fallen soldiers, sailors, marines, and airmen. Angel Flight is their radio/aircraft call sign. In addition, Angel Flights have top (number one) priority in U.S. airspace over other military flights — as you heard the towers say “number 1 for landing/takeoff.”

The term “heroes” is another term frequently used in the video in reference to our fallen warriors.

Now, how important are black ghetto thugs when compared to these heroes?

They aren’t important at all. They just steal the thunder from our brave, selfless fighting men and women for their own crybaby gripes.

So fuck each and every one of them, especially Trayvon “Hoodie” Martin, Michael “I was too stupid to live” Brown, Al Charlatan, Jesse Jackass, Louis FarrakhanWolcott and especially the Black Panty cowards.

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0. Know the difference between C-a-v-a-l-r-y and C-a-l-v-a-r-y. The former being military troops trained to fight on horseback. Currently, they are highly mobile army units using vehicular transport, such as HUMVEEs, light armor and helicopters. The latter being the hill on which Jesus was crucified. Literally, it means “hill of skulls.” Now, would somebody please brief the nutsacks in Hollywood (like Dale Dye, believe it or not)?

1. Can cuss (curse, swear) for a full ten minutes without repeating a single word.

2. Know that “Cav” is an abnormal condition that can be cured with testosterone shots.

3. Can remember when there were real NCOs in the Army.

4. Will fight with bayonets and E-tools just to save ammo.

5. Wear Corcoran jump boots in garrison just in case they have to kick the shit out of some loudmouthed MP.

6. Have eyes in the backs of their heads.

7. Can see in the dark.

8. Would rather be a squad leader than a general.

9. Have wet dreams about leading a parachute assault on Baghdad .

10. Still don’t trust the Russians.

11. Still hate the French. (more…)

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Question: Among what people did a legal code of law remain enforced for thousands of years without a police force, an army, a navy, soldiers of any kind, or even civil law to enforce it?

Answer: Jewish Law

Question: Who pointed this fact out before I did?

Answer: Jean Jacques Rousseau (1712-1778)

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I can identify with this piece as if I wrote it myself. I hope other veterans might also share my emotions as they read this thoughtful poem.

I Was a Soldier Once

I was a soldier once, fast, strong, young, and smart.

I stood with the deadly and was counted dangerous amongst them.

I have fought on foreign soil for things that did not own my heart and have plumbed the depths of my soul for its last ounce of true loyalty.

I have known the loneliness of a night vigil at a distant post and the joy of a dawn victory surrounded by hard won friends.

I have defended the weak and the sacred.

I have known justice as a craftsman knows a well worn tool but too I have represented iniquity.

I cry now.

Time and distance and the violence of battle has removed my health, my sanity, and the comrades I held dear.

I have never feared death, for I do not believe it to be an end except to mortal pain, and I do not fear it now.

I fear being useless.

If nothing else I ask for a warm soft spot from which to tell stories to the coming generations, so they too might one day stand, knowing they once shined in the sun and their deeds might not be forgotten.

by Patrick Devine

Also read my post: On Returning Home and Facing ‘Jody’

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