Libtard or not, we love Sarah Silverman…

What a beauty at 43!

One of our favorite funny (beautiful) ladies will be joining the cast of a popular TV drama. Sarah Silverman is hopping on board Masters of Sex (not that we ever watch that crap).

Joining Michael Sheen, Lizzy Caplan, and the rest of the cast, she’ll take on a recurring guest star role next season. Other than that, details are being kept firmly under wraps.

Will she bring a dose of her signature wit to the serious show? Or, will she play it straight? Only time will tell. But, if you can’t wait to get your Silverman fix, she’s also in A Million Ways to Die in the West, coming out next month. (Vulture)

Our biggest disappointment is her choice of men.

Come on, Sarah, Jimmy Kimmel and Kyle Dunnigan!? Really?

Girl, what you need is a died-in-the-wool real man with a large… uh… brain. A man born and raised in the Midwest.

I’m sorry to inform you that I’m already taken, but I’m sure Marshall Infidel would be happy to step in and enlighten you on the ancient techniques of pleasing a woman. Only men from our old stamping ground are privy to this knowledge. For example, we can simply whisper into a woman’s ear and she’ll instantly experience multiple orgasms… BIG ones.

Let yourself go, girl. Don’t waste your time on these Hollywood boys who offer the equivalent of fast food sex.

Meanwhile, good luck with your new role.

Click on image to enlarge — I dare you!

What A Difference Fifty Years Can Make

Yesterday we commemorated half a century of John Kennedy martyrdom.

This patron saint of the left, now dead longer than he was alive, ironically celebrated more for his tragic ending than his accomplishments, was the Democrat Party president elected for his promise to lower taxes and his hard-line anti-Communist policy.

Now we have the New York Times (If you plan on using it for toilet paper, don’t, the cheap ink will make your ass dirty.) this week  hawking overpriced mass produced Kennedy trinkets and mementos in their race to cash in on the death cult.

And speaking of race, a president who, if he had a son, would be playing the “knock out game”.

Where’s the condemnation and call for civility on this one from the Piece-of-Shit-in-Chief?

Sex in the Mosque

People who don’t understand the cultural war the Muslim World is waging against us need to understand Muslim culture.

Forget about the proclamation that Islam is a religion of peace, that’s been proven wrong. Forget about Islam wanting to coexist with others. Islam wants to dominate others. And remember, Islam is not just a (false) religion (death cult), but it’s also a system of government and where it goes, it brings its culture. A culture that wants to dominate our culture.

Muslims around the world are at war trying to impose their culture on us. You might want to capitulate. Before you do, consider with culture you prefer. And remember, to the Muslim warriors, the guys who want to cut your heads off, there is no in between, nor compromise, because compromise by them is considered defeat. Below you can get a taste of what I mean. Continue reading “Sex in the Mosque”