Twitter is just another of the many liberal social media houses that forces extreme control over the thoughts and expressions of their users.

Their employees comb the tweets with algorithms looking for strong conservative voices so they can suspend those accounts.

Unfortunately, your right to free speech is not recognized by Twitter. Like all liberals they want to scrap our constitution and bill of rights leaving us dependant on leftist control.

Users don’t need to break any of the Twitter rules in order to be suspended. Twitter instantaneously deletes accounts permanently, or gives them a restrictive time-out for 12-hours to one week when they read or see something that doesn’t fit the libtard narrative.

Moreover, during the past year Twitter has even resorted to purging user’s followers. Just today, one conservative had over 2000 of his followers purged from his account. Another had all of his previous tweets deleted. This is clear harassment. If you contact Twitter to complain, you get crickets. If you are suspended, rarely do you receive a reason why. There is no reason except Twitter’s hypocrisy.

If you are a liberal, you never face suspension even if you break all the rules. Twitter creates an arena where one side always wins—the liberal side. The same is true if you’re a Muslim, especially a Muslim congressman who calls our president a motherf**ker. Or if you’re Louis Farrakhan and you rant anti-Semitic sermons on video.

It comes as no surprise that the majority of Twitter stock is owned by a Saudi prince, a Muslim, and we all know how much Muslims love free speech for non-Muslims.

Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Bin Abdulaziz Alsaud, who in 2011 invested $300 million in the social network, now owns 34.9 million shares of Twitter’s common stock, according to a new regulatory filing. He now owns more of Twitter than liberal ass-hat and founder, Jack Dorsey. 

With all of this, I have developed a theory wherein I believe Twitter’s unfair actions against conservative voices have caused a collective crescendo of rage to build in the conservative community. I’ve watched how the anger has grown and the resolve has strengthened among this group. They are sticking together and building alliances, both of which have been historically rare among the conservatives and the GOP. Their former torpidity is withering away and morphing into a new hardened posture. Conservatives are becoming a wall (pun intended) against the Democrat onslaught.

Conservatives have historically been too passive and don’t typically retort with the same venomous vivacity the left employs. But no longer. Just look at the change in Senator Lindsey Graham’s disposition after being angered by the Democrats and their shameless attack on SCOTUS pick Judge Kavanaugh. And the majority of conservative tweeters are all in for this government shutdown to remain in effect until the obstructionist Democrats get on board with a border wall. These are signs that conservatives are actualizing and becoming tougher.

Twitter is the predominate arena for online political debates and Twitter’s stifling acts are helping to forge the conservative movement into a born-again hard-ass set of strong American patriots.

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer have screwed the political pooch and their days in the political arena are numbered. 93% of Americans believe we have a serious problem on our southern border, yet the Democrats are refusing to consider any remedy out of sheer blind hatred for president Trump. (See: Democrats Get Trump-Thumped Again)

While the Democrats and Twitter are busy throwing us all under the bus, conservatives are circumventing their sedition. I read yesterday that people in droves are sending bricks to Nancy Pelosi. This is atypical behavior for conservatives and provides yet another glimpse into the new conservative fortitude.

I could go on, but you get the point. Democrats are going to lose big in the 2020 elections and Trump will win again after soundly flogging their line up of lefty liberal communist loons. Twitter is doing its part to fuel this outcome, so the joke is on them.


Update 16 Jan 2019:

Joe M from Twitter (@StormIsUponUs) just tweeted this:

There has been a sudden rise in auto-blocking over the past two days. This is where Twitter automatically blocks accounts you follow. You don’t realize you blocked them, and never see their posts. [They] are getting ready for something.

Twitter Können Meine Meatal Protuberation Saugen

I was suspended a third time from Twitter.

No big surprise.


Because I’m a conservative with a sharp tongue and I’m a former soldier.

But I don’t break their rules.

Twitter employees are preying upon conservative tweeters right and left.

They pretend to be regular tweeters, but when you cross them, they have the power to disconnect you from Twitter instantly.

The last exchange was with a supposedly Jewish woman who called me an antisemite then suspended me.

I was ripping her a new six and suddenly found myself reading that my account had been suspended for violating their rules, which was a lie.

I was having a friendly back-and-forth over veteran issues with several tweeters when this liberal butted in, took control of our exchange, and suspended me.

We weren’t even chatting about Jews.

The reason she claimed I was an antisemite was due to my question, “Liberal Jews baffle me. Do they suffer from Stockholm Syndrome?”

She had just, for some reason, stated that she was a liberal Jew.

Calling me an antisemite is tantamount to calling a Muslim an Islamophobe.

The truth of the matter is that she hates the military of which I was a member.

In reality, Twitter is chock full of antisemites and they don’t do anything but encourage them and radical Muslims.

They even stopped translating Hebrew to English, but they’ll translate Arabic all day long.

We all know this is how liberals do business.

The radical Left is trying to silence conservative voices and destroy any group who opposes them.

They billow out their opinions, but stifle any retorts, not unlike the Nazis, and like the Nazis they will lose this war.

Someday Twitter employees will be using the Catholic church to smuggle them to safety in Argentina.

Why do people call them “elites”? There’s nothing elite about them.

They are simply elitists.

I refer them to the title of this post.



I opened a new profile at Twitter and posted a hotlink to this article.

Guess they didn’t like the title because they immediately suspended me for 12 hours.

I was trying to piss the assholes off this time and it worked.

Fuck Twitter.



So let’s say I’m all in for paper straws.

I don’t mind using paper straws because I grew up using them, and paper cups and plates.

I’ll gladly do my part for Environmentalism.

I do have one request.

I want my triple Slurpee in a jumbo plastic Bat-Girl cup.



Give me a fucking break.

Donald Trump doesn’t adhere to the script that the Dems and the Libs had in their feeble minds and now he’s a treasonous puppet of the Russians.

The Russians who for seventy years couldn’t be bad mouthed without incurring the wrath of left wing intelligentsia.

The same assholes who were enthralled by Stalin and defended the Rosenbergs.

The same assholes who waved Vietcong and NVA flags for the sake of “peace” while our friends, neighbors and relatives were dying in battle.

The same assholes who said nothing when Obama bowed to the king of Arabia or who pressured American banks to break the law in his quest to enable, enrich and empower the Islamic fascists of Iran.

The same assholes who never miss an opportunity to remind us all what a racist, criminal imperial power this country is while they burn it’s flag.

The same assholes who side with enemies of the United States at almost every turn since 1861, now have become patriotic defenders of the realm par excellence.

Give me a fucking break.

The next time any of you have the urge to go running aghast, chicken little style on the way to the sanitarium, think for a moment.

You all said over a year and a half ago, if Trump were elected you were moving to Canada.


Spring Thaw

As the ice floes break up, the rivers run again and birds return to nest it’s that time of year to take stock of a mentally challenged portion of the population who call themselves progressives of liberals.

Once again they are poking their finger in the eye of reality, sanity, logic and human endeavor.

One of my US senators here in the Peoples Socialist Republic of My Great State has proposed that every resident be guaranteed by the government a yearly stipend of $75K.

After discussing this with friends, relatives and colleagues and analyzing what we have to do to make what we make, the general consensus is to close up shop and go on the dole.

Indigence and poverty 1- Productivity and prosperity 0

My newly elected county executive has banned gun shows at county owned venues and is in the process of declaring this a Sanctuary County.

Illegal aliens 1- Law abiding American citizens 0

Every social ill or deficiency has been made worse for the last 50+ years by “progressive” mindset and policy.

Fifty years ago when we were such a racist society black out-of-wedlock births were 20% now it’s 80%.

Their answer to everything is to lower the bar and spend money to hire more bureaucrats to oversee the process.

Fifty years ago, with less restrictive gun laws how many mass shootings were there?

Of course the answer is more gun laws.

Why should they consider that violence is a symptom of a systemic disease?
Why treat the pathology when you can treat the symptoms?

Lower the bar when it comes to accountability and responsibility, morality and respect, knowledge and merit and see what happens.

Don’t bother addressing illegal access to guns just pass more restrictions.
Keep making America the enemy and see what happens.

The next time some libtard mouths off use their own tactics.

Tell them they are invading your safe space, you feel threatened by their microaggression and then say;


Democrats: Destroying America Since Forever

I lost count of the number of Democrat morons prattling on about Trump being a puppet of the Russians and now that he’s president the Russians will take over the U.S.

My entire life the Democrats were the stalwarts of justice defending the Russians against any accusations of malfeasance levied against them.

They had no spies here, they were not the enemy, they were not supportive of our enemies, neither were they working to subvert our way of life.

If you thought otherwise you were a war mongering right wing paranoid.

What makes them the big bad wolf all of a sudden?

Is it because they are not Communists anymore?

The party elders of today are the jetsam and flotsam of humanity who waved Vietcong flags while our friends and neighbors were fighting and dying.

Daniel Patrick Moynihan, former U.S ambassador to the U.N, aid to Presidents Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon and Ford, and United States Senator- NY (Democrat) would be demonized, disowned and beaten with his own shillelagh by today’s Democrats for what he stood for in his lifetime.

Interspersing his government positions with a Harvard professorship, he hit the nail on the head in 1968 when referring to the “liberal left and totalitarian left” as “elitist, unpatriotic, unreasonable and illiberal” and “a mob of college professors, millionaires, flower children and Radcliffe girls.”

If he could only see them now.

There is a long pedigree of racism and anti-American treason in the Democrat resume.

Let me quote Oliver Morton, Governor of Indiana, who said in 1866, “Every bounty jumper, every deserter, every sneak who ran away from the draft calls himself a Democrat.”

In short, the Democratic party may be described as a common sewer and loathsome receptacle, into which is emptied every element of treason North and South, every element of inhumanity and barbarism which has dishonored the age.”

Their endless tide of pap and swill continues to spew forth from their lying maws, directed at anyone who doesn’t adhere to their self-righteous hypocrisies.

God save you if you don’t believe in open borders or that the money you work for belongs to you, or that guns in the hands of criminals, not lawful citizens, is a problem.

For those of you looking to stand your ground, we offer the following TMQ2 therapeutic prescription.

The next time one of these invertebrates mouths off, look them in the eye and say the following;


Oh Really? Is That So?

Donna Brazile admits she sent town-hall questions to Clinton camp

And the check is in the mail …and I won’t come in your mouth.

Add this to the “I’m so sorry…I got caught”  files.

Hey all you Dems and Libs,  SHUT THE FUCK UP


Liberal Fascism: The Secret History of the American Left, From Mussolini to the Politics of Meaning is a book by Jonah Goldberg, in which Goldberg argues that fascist movements were and are left-wing. Published in January 2008, it reached #1 on the New York Times Best Seller list of hardcover non-fiction in its seventh week on the list. Goldberg is a syndicated columnist and the editor-at-large of National Review Online.

Read more:

Liberals — Fuck ‘Em All Where They Breathe

The crazier President Trump acts, the more his enemies paint themselves into a corner.

“Obama tapped my phone” has the libtards screaming foul.

They deny that it ever happened and Trump is delusional.

There is no evidence of his phone being tapped and there would have had to been evidence of wrongdoing for the wiretap.

If there is insufficient evidence for the tap does that mean there is no evidence that he colluded with the Russians?

Why does no evidence of wiretaps automatically dismiss that charge but no evidence of colluding with the Ruskies demands an investigation?

Why did the NY Times months ago report that wiretaps confirm Trump/ Russia connections?

Or was that just fake news?


Liberals are as much our enemy as radical Muslims.

They are UN-American, hate this country and our Constitution.

We should treat them as our enemy and wipe out or deport them.

Death to liberals, or at least beat them down.

Castrate and/or neuter them.

Let’s start with Hollywood, Obama, Al Franken, Chuck Shumer and Nancy Pelosi!