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Time to throw John Kerry, alias Lurch into the hoosegow and ditch the key.

For over 200 years the Logan act has criminalized private citizens from negotiating with foreign governments.

That didn’t prevent Moose-jaw Kerry from making promises to the Palestinian Authority and encouraging them not to negotiate with the US until he is elected president in 2020.


Where is the mainstream media on this one?

Oh yeah, looking for Trump/Russia collusion.

Jeff Sessions needs to indict Kerry or get the fuck out of town.

And by the way, Mr. Kerry,


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Ding-Dong the witch is dead.

I guess we won’t have Hillary Clinton to kick around anymore.

Will all those who said they would leave the country if Donald Trump was elected president please get the fuck out now?

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Iran played Kerry and Obama like cheap banjos as if both were acting the part of Ned Beatty in the movie, “Deliverance.” Squeeeeeeeeeel!

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Arming the Terrorists

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Or is he just another classic example of the blissfully ignorant?

John Kerry is an Idiot!

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 And Obama’s hurts too!

Soros Feels Like Obama "Pissed on Him".


Obama knows first hand that Geo’s unit is tiny. It hardly entered Obama’s back door, but O-buttboy was hooked.

This is according to an NSA snoop on an Obama phone call to his… husband Michael with big-hairy-knuckles, an Adam’s apple, wants-to be-a-girl, workin’ on it, worst lady-man, hooker, and… wife? Michele?

I got this Intel straight from Snowden and Putin, so you know it’s true. Not that there’s anything wrong with having a big Adam’s apple and hairy knuckles.

Now, the same cannot be said for John Kerry. He was a fake combatant in Vietnam… tantamount to a coward.

He was recruited by Soros later on, and, to put it mildly, Kerry’s back door went from a size 2 to a size 12 in a New York heartbeat after a few champagne dinners and slumber parties at the home of Soros.

Old long jaw, as real combatants called Kerry, is a fake and worthless rich boy who hides his disgrace by blaming his faults on those of us from more humble beginnings.

The ones of us from small neighborhoods who learned to fight early on, nobody punks us the way Soros punked Kerry and Barry.

Paging Mr. Dover. Paging Mr. Ben Dover!

You’ll be dead sooner than later, George, so soak it up and plug these boys while their backsides are still warm.

Thank God for finite lifespans.

When you’re gone, George, we’ll take real good care of your loved ones.

We promise.

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Clowns like John Kerry and every other member of the Obama Administration—including Obama—have turned American exceptionalism into American deceptionalism.

The Three Stooges could easily outshine Kerry as the chief diplomat.

These pinko knob swabbers are clearly the greatest threat to our national security, assuming we have any national security left.

Obama and his criminal cronies are busy every day dismantling our country, piece by piece.

The big question is, What are we going to do about it?


Kerry Kerry Quite Contrary…

#AmericanExceptionalism #AmericanDeceptionalism

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Now all of a sudden John “Swift Boat” Kerry is trash talking the Ruskies like he just wants Putin to make his day.

Now the good war is to come to the defense of Ukrainian anti- Commies.

As far as I’m concerned a Ukrainian civil war is just Syria with peasant blouses, pirogies and vodka.

The Ukrainian anti- Commies are the spawn of the western Ukrainians who showered the Waffen SS with rose petals in 1941.

Look at the records of WWII war crimes defendants and your basic death camp guard was a Ukrainian.

The Jews who survived the Shoah have a saying; The Germans were bad, the Poles were badder, and the Ukrainians were the worst.

Ukrainians killing each other? Boo-hoo. That’s another fracas no American boy should suffer so much as a hang nail over.

Fuck ’em.

Jews were killed throughout the Ukraine in large and small actions. The killers here about to shoot these Jewish men and a boy are Ukranians.

Jews were killed throughout the Ukraine in large and small actions in WWII. The killers here about to shoot these Jewish men and a boy were Ukrainians.

Also See: Ukraine divided over WWII legacy

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Wet Hot Pussy

Is it me or has John Kerry become Lurch from the Addams Family?

Other contenders are the kid from “Mask” or John “Elephant Man” Merrick.

Vote now!

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