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Video: Pharmaceutical Industry Lies and Other Such Governmental Nonsense

bth_marijuanaLet’s talk about marijuana for a moment shall we! You know… Cannabis, Weed, Pot, Kush, Kine Bud, Spank and a hundred other noms de guerre that little (sometimes big) green plant is known by world-wide.  A plant that continues to wave at the U.S. government with a healthy single-fingered salute despite almost a century’s worth of severe criminalization, extremely bad rap and billions of dollars spent in a wasted effort toward eradication.

The U.S. government, and by reciprocity agreements, most governments around the world have thrown everything they have at this docile little creation of God’s green earth… starting in the earliest part of the last century with films such as Reefer Madness and continuing to the present day with infamously draconian criminal penalties and the ineffective and hugely expensive War on Drugs… and yet no amount of effort by its antagonists seem to diminish its popularity with the masses.

Have you ever thought to question why such effort is expended by the powers that be in demonizing such a simple and historically renowned article?  Well, have you?

Not widely publicized is the fact that the pharmaceutical industry has been secretly studying the chemical structure and pharmacological effects of marijuana for decades.  In the laboratories of most if not all of the biggest names in the pharmaceutical industry, they have completely unraveled the structural composition of its active components (the cannabinoids) down to their molecular level, and then built them back up again in their effort to patent the source of medical benefits known to be exhibited by this unique pharmacology.  Yet despite many years and tremendous efforts, even though their laboratory clones are identical in every minute detail of molecular structure, they have failed to duplicate the over-all pharmacological effects of the natural substance.

What if Marijuana cured cancer?
That’s the name of this one-hour documentary detailing marijuana as mankind’s wonder drug.  Sit back… make yourself comfortable… and be ready for an exposé of exactly why our government has demonized this medical wonder for the benefit of its largest contributor and co-conspirator, the Pharmaceutical Industry.

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