Every time Obama goes missing I just know he’s somewhere on the Serengeti squatting around a fire with his loin-clothed homeys, gnawing on some Wildebeest.



By Texas Tony

One evening in 1980 and shortly after college, I was having beers at a popular nightclub with a few fraternity brothers. One of them had a brother who was a year younger than I and he was finishing college and planning to enter into politics. He would show up later.

As we drank and laughed at old stories, I heard someone say, “Hello, Tony.” I turned to see it was the brother whom I had met on several occasions prior. I said, “Hello, Mike” and he sat with us and ordered up a beer.

I remember thinking what a straight-laced guy he was, he was very amicable, and he made you feel like he gave 100% attention when talking with you. He was an Indiana farm boy who liked motorcycles as did I.

We had quite a few occasions to meet again over time and were easily on a first name basis. He went on to become an Indiana congressman and later the governor.

Imagine my surprise when Trump announced that Mike Pence would be his running mate as the vice presidential candidate in the 2016 presidential election, which he obviously won, and now it appears he may one day become the president of the United States.

Go Mike!

It’s not who you blow; it’s who you know.

mike p




ISIS has been celebrating the recent devastating Notre Dame fire.

There were conspiracy nuts at Twitter writing today that Interpol and Russian intelligence stated ISIS was the responsible party.

Ilhan Omar was quoted as saying, “Somebody did something to something in some country.”

She went on to complain that Muslims we’re “being blamed for something by somebody and being treated as second class somethings.”

Forever the victims.

Here’s what I know and the readers can draw their own conclusions:

– The fire happened suspiciously close to the Christian holiday of Easter.

– The fire was primarily limited to the apsidal end of the Cathedral. This is the Eastern end facing toward Mecca.

– Muslims have been on a campaign of damaging Christian churches throughout France, vandalizing over 600 so far.

– If this was arson, Muslim refugees that have been inundating France could be the most likely perpetrators.

– Video captured a Muslim Man in Muslim garb on the front balcony who was moving suspiciously and rapidly shortly after the fire began.

– Michelle Obama was taking a Notre Dame riverboat tour during the fire.

In my opinion, Ilhan Omar and Michelle Obama conspired to burn the great church and Barack Obama lit the fire.


Because somebody did something to something in some country.

This fits the modus operandi of the trio.


Also see:

Gas tanks and Arabic documents found in unmarked car by Paris’ Notre-Dame cathedral spark terror fears


Alexandria Cowfart-Cortez blames migrant crisis on climate change.

Oh no you di-ent!

Wrong again, Cowfart.

That would be the allure of being taken care of for free—or at the expense of American tax dollars, I should say.

And did I just hear you admit there’s a migrant crisis?


The Democrats are shooting blanks this go around.

They’ve already thrown Biden under the bus, which leaves them with Bernie or Beto.

Tell me, anyone, can you imagine the USA having a president called Bernie or Beto?

Bernie sounds like an inbred cross between Bert and Ernie.

Beto sounds too close to “Beat Off.”

Both are running on the “Trump is a racist” platform since “Russia, Russia, Russia” (RIP) was killed off by Robert Mueller.

They’re warming up by calling others like Benjamin Netanyahu racists.

Same shit, different day with these dolts.

Trump’s gonna wallop the hell out of all their candidates, which is at about 24 now.

Get your popcorn and beer ready ’cause this election is gonna be a huge circus sideshow.

There’ll be dead Democrat carcasses strewn all over The Swamp.



Chelsea Handler says Trump’s 2016 win sent her to a shrink and hooked her on marijuana.

Poor Chelsea … crying, shaking, mascara running down her face while she rolls a fat one and smokes it on the crapper.

Why does this mental image makes me so happy?





byJoan Swirsky
Feb. 8, 2007

From the inception of psychology over 100 years ago, conditions such as autism, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder, narcissism and Tourette’s syndrome were thought to be psychological in origin – and that with enough therapy, enough blaming inadequate parenting, enough talk, enough delving into “feelings,” the sufferer could be treated successfully or even cured.

We now know – thanks to tools like PET scans, MRIs, and pharmaceutical advances – that these condition are all biological in nature, more receptive to medications, augmented with behavioral techniques, than to any of the other “therapies” that were inflicted so ineffectually on millions of people over the past many decades.

The scans, in fact, have revealed the specific areas of the brain that give rise to anger, revenge, anxiety, addiction, eating disorders, stuttering, pathological lying, cheating, manipulation, obsessive-compulsive behavior, depressive disorders, even cravings for chocolate!

How do…

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One poll concludes that 74% of Americans cannot name the 3-branches of government.

There is no doubt that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is one of the 74%; she knows as much about civics as my pet rock knows about calculus.

Millennials, Gen X and Gen Z make my pet rock look like a Mensa candidate.

And a slew of people believe the lie that the three branches of government are the Executive, Legislative and Judicial.

Let me set the record straight here so you can hold your head up high and walk with the pride of knowing the real deal.

Currently, the three branches of government are George Soros, Donald Trump and the IRS.

Your assignment: Go read a civics book.


Larry Gatlin said on Fox news today:

“Beto O’Rourke is a booger-eatin’ moron.”

Sounds about right.