If you are looking for a compelling read that involves foreign interference, collusion, fake news, forged documents, lies, lies, and damned lies, might I suggest Agents of Influence, by Henry Hemming?

If you are expecting an exposé of the Trump campaign or an uncovering of the Obama administration misdeeds, keep looking.

The collaborators and cohorts in cahoots here were hard at work between the end of 1939 and the end of 1941.

That was when Germany and Britain were competing for the hearts and minds of every John Q. Public and Jane Doe in America.

Competing is a mild application of what was going on. Competition implies a fair contest rather than the subterfuge and deviousness employed on both sides.

No spoiler alert needed as we all know how it turned out in the end but the book lays out the hows and whys.

Operating from an MI6 office high up in Rockefeller Center, the British out lied, out cheated, and outfoxed the Germans with the able assistance of the Roosevelt administration.

With a cast of characters ranging from Charles Lindbergh to Ian Fleming,  Hemming spills the beans on the extent of how the  American public was played like a bass fiddle in this intriguing page-turner, that I’m sure is soon to be a major motion picture coming to a theater near you.