Although he gets credit for many accomplishments as mayor of New York City his most unrecognized achievement is really the PR hoodwink Bloomberg pulled off.

He is credited for making NYC safe but it was really Giuliani who did that. “m.m.” (Mini Mike) merely rode those coattails.

He set out to be the education mayor but failed to improve the school system, reform the Board of Ed or tame the teachers union.

He was going to solve Manhattan’s traffic problem but his personal vendetta against the Taxi and Limousine Commission resulted in pedestrian plazas, narrower streets from the creation of bike lanes like it was China, and removal of restrictions on cars for hire. The speed of traffic has gone from 10mph to 2.5 mph on a vast number of streets as 70% of the cars on the road are livery cabs or Uber and Lyft vehicles. Owners of medallion cabs saw the value of the medallions drop through the floor and fleet owners and drivers suffered financial devastation.

The real coup was Bloomberg convincing people he has a brain.

He actually stated that the president of China can’t just do what he wants because he has to answer to a constituency that will hold him accountable.

Either he’s talking about Bizarro World China where everything is backward or he’s on the Chinese payroll or he’s a fucking moron.

Actually, that isn’t fair to the morons of the world.

He is now saying he would like Hillary Clinton to be his running mate.

Even the dumbest moron in the world is smart enough to know that if he was president and Hillary the VP, the January 21, 2021 headlines would read,


Cretin c.1924, printed 1990 by August Sander 1876-1964
“Mini Mike” Bloomberg

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