The thoughts that were never supposed to be imagined and the words that were never supposed to be uttered have escaped their dungeon.

The rumblings are spreading faster than a Chinese virus and repeating like fried onions with hot sauce.

We seem to be witnessing a paradigm shift and the creation of a new normal.

Just like the shifting sands of time, the desert sands from Morocco to Persia are reorienting themselves.

They are uncovering some hard truths and burying what will hopefully become relics of the past.

What once may have been whispered in stricter confidence is now being published, broadcasted and blogged, and will one day soon be shouted from the mountain tops.

What is this trickle that is becoming a torrent?

It is the realization that Israel and the Jews are not the enemy and there is no good reason to be at war with them.

Uganda has established relations with Israel and is talking about an embassy in Jerusalem.

Morocco is talking about establishing relations with Israel.

Sudan is talking about establishing relations with Israel.

Tunisia fired its UN envoy for trashing the Trump peace plan.

Egyptian and Jordanian cold peace is warming up.

Gulf states are talking about a non-aggression pact with Israel.

The Iranian street is not bowing to the commands of the Mullahs and know Israel supports their democratic aspirations.

Comparable events are happening in Africa and South America as the wind blows in new ways.

The unbending oak trees of PLO intransigence and the water carrying leftists on both sides of the Atlantic will come crashing down and either be buried in the sand or washed away in a deluge.

Arabs across the world are fed up with not being able to take part in the game of prosperity just because the “Palestinians” don’t own the ball.

They are tired of being mired in a muck of sacrifice for the sake of “Palestinians” who refuse to play well with others.

The road to Middle East peace was always through “Palestine” because no one bothered to look behind the detour signs.

It looks like the road now has to go through Trump Tower and the Knesset.

Palestinians, even the other Arabs hate their guts.