My great-grandmother thought Franklin Delano “Rosenfeld” was Jewish based on wishful thinking and Nazi propaganda.

Barack Hussein Obama was cited by New York Magazine as the “first Jewish president” because they are a gaggle of ignorant leftist shitheads.

Bernie Sanders stands on the threshold of being the first Jewish presidential candidate of a major political party and possibly the first Jewish president, supposedly.

The first two were more than happy to encourage these misconceptions as they helped them to not give suckers an even break.

Roosevelt has the blood of millions of Jews on his hands for not allowing them into America in the 30s and not directing enough of the war effort towards destroying the Nazi’s ability to carry out the Shoah. He was even said to have told the King of Saudi Arabia at the end of the war, “I wish I can get rid of my 6 million.”

Obama ran interference for and played footsie with, the enemy of humanity, Hassan Rouhani to the tune of $150 billion. He facilitated Iran’s ability to kill innocent Jewish civilians by blowing them to pieces or cause countless others to be maimed, disfigured or disabled for life.

Sanders, an accidental Jew by birth, basically eschews anything imbued with traditional Judaism. He touts or enshrouds his Jewishness to fit the time and place. He has surrounded himself with and embraced avowed Jew-haters like they were Mother Theresa. One has to go back almost 60 years to a summer on a kibbutz to his established bona fides. If he is so Jewish, why is that his one-trick pony?

The most Jewish president we have ever had is in the White House now.

Not because he moved the embassy to Jerusalem. That was in accordance with a 25-year-old act of Congress every other president roadblocked.

Not because he doesn’t recognize Israeli communities in Judea and Samaria as illegal. That was a return to established legal status corrupted by one of Jew-hater Jimmy Carter’s advisors.

What makes Donald Trump the most Jewish president is that he is the first president to be treated like a Jew.

He is despised for the sake of who he is, and for the fulfillment of a desire to hate.

Like Jews, he is hated by the left for being a white supremacist and by the right for being too “Jewish”. He is cited as the cause of societal ills he had no part in creating.

Like Israel, he is accused of things he never did, vilified for things that numerous other presidents did, either earning them praise or indifference, and subjected to insults and effrontery that self-righteous jackanapes would be too polite to ever apply elsewhere.

Like the Jew, Trump is  the eternal outsider who deserves punishment for the temerity to claim a rightful place among the American oligarchs and patriarchy who feel superior. Just the way the Jewish state is treated by the nations of the world who can’t abide by a sovereignty where Jews can never be relegated to second class status.

Like the Jewish people who have survived this abuse for millennia, the president pushes on in spite of it.

Yasher koach, Mr. President. Like Moshe Rabeynu may you walk in the strength of the day.