…not as I do. And by the way, I can do whatever I like and you are forbidden from criticizing me.


That is the essence of the shitfest known as International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

We have a number of winners this year in the combined categories of blowholes, bum-wipes, fart bags, and blivets.

The highest achievements go to, in no particular order so far,  Prince of Wales Charles Windsor, President of Russia Vladimir Putin, President of France Emmanuel Macron and President of Poland Andrzej Duda.

The first three have the dubious distinction of after bemoaning the tragedy of Nazi-led genocide of Jews proceeded to meet with Palestine Liberation Organization terrorist in chief Mahmoud Abbas.

Abbas is typically referred to as the head of the Palestinian Authority. The PA is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the PLO, chartered in 1964 with the purpose of murdering Jews worldwide through acts of terror and eliminating the State of Israel.

Abbas also received a doctorate from a Soviet Union university on the basis of denying the Holocaust.

I don’t know what transpired at any of the meetings between the three unwise men and the unrepentant Jew-hater but I don’t recall seeing any news items about them publicly rebuking, repudiating or otherwise reading him the riot act over his position regarding the murder of 6,000,000 Jews, that they so eloquently bemoaned for stage and screen.

The optics created by their behavior was that they made the holy pilgrimage to kiss the hem of his garment.

Additionally, Putin gave an account of historic revisionism of historic proportions to claim 40% of the Jews murdered by Nazis were Soviet citizens. That would be 2,400,000, an inaccurate if not totally fictitious number of about twice the actual amount.

Or, is it wishful thinking from a guy who provides Muslim entities looking to complete Hitler’s dream with the means and assistance to do so?

As for Emanuelle Macron, leaving his mommy issues aside, his Jaque Chirac moment/ hissy fit was at the Church of St. Anne drama queen meltdown très magnifique.

If you missed it, the 13th-century church in Jerusalem Old City is actually French property. Israeli police responsible for his safety, mindful of threats made specifically at visiting foreign leaders, wanted to secure the interior before he entered.

The belle of the ball would have no part of that and screamed at them that they were not allowed to violate the sovereignty of French territory.

That brings us to President Duda of Poland who declined his invitation to come because he was not asked to speak.

Boohoo, wah-wah-wah.

It’s just not fair that the phony rules only allow victorious WW2 allied and repentant Axis allied nations to speak.

Let’s not lose the context of a Russia-Polish pissing match to claim bigger Nazi victim status.

And now for a reality check.

Fuck them both, they both suck ass.

It was the Russian/German non-aggression pact of August 1939 that was really a deal to invade Poland from both sides and divide it in two.

That was the catalytic event to start WW2.

After the war, the Soviets in earnest attempted to complete a cultural genocide against Judaism wherever they could.

Undoubtedly Poles suffered terribly at the hands of both the Germans and the Russians.

Undeniably there were Poles who saved or harbored Jews at great risk to themselves.

Not only does Duda refuse to come to the dance if he can’t tell the band what to play but has his own version of history to distort.

He continues to deny any collaboration of Poles with Nazis. Of all the conquered countries Poland was the only one where no one cooperated or assisted the Germans.

He further claimed that Poland’s Jews were killed for being Polish.

I guess that explains how Jews trying to flee Germany before the war by crossing the Polish border were fired upon by Polish guards.

That explains the countless Poles who were all too eager to turn over Jews to the Germans or how Jews returning home after the war were killed by their Polish neighbors even as late as 1946. Google Kielce.

This “holiday” needs to be renamed International Bullshitters and Hypocrites Look how wonderful We Are Day.

You want to honor the memory of the 6 million murdered Jews?

1. Make sure you protect the living Jews under attack or threat of attack.

2. Stop pandering, financing and encouraging whoever actively attacks or threatens Jews worldwide,  whether you agree with Israeli policy or not.

3. Drop the word holocaust and use the Hebrew word, Shoah and hold the ceremonies on the same day that the State of Israel commemorates Yom Hashoah.

4. Have it on-site at Auschwitz every year to bear witness to the physical presence of hatred. The entire tourism industry in Poland is based on pilgrimages to former death camps and ghettos.  I’m sure the government will be plenty happy to take in some more money from the “holocaust industry”.