Liberals pride themselves in being about change, justice and a better world.

Their road to paradise is paved with more and more government control and less personal freedom.

Libertarians on the other hand believe in a limited government and laissez faire capitalism with protections for personal liberty.

Libertines are more philosophical and less political in their abandonment of morality and embrace of hedonism in any of its forms.

Many times liberals will accuse libertarians of being anarchists, conflating being against over regulation with being against all laws in general.

As much as liberals harbor contempt for libertarians, that’s how much they adore libertines.

Why do liberals have a problem with those who want to keep the government out of the mix with some aspects of life but not others?

It looks to me like liberals and libertines are two sides of the same coin.

Liberals ally themselves with libertine debauchery yet can’t abide by libertarian freedoms because one is grounded in self control and a moral code outside of government oversight and the other is based on repudiation or morality and decency.

If your humanity is a product of your own ability to distinguish right from wrong and answers to a higher authority then your need for legislation is minimized.

Render unto Caesar that which is his…

That makes religion an obstacle to the ambitions of liberals.

If your humanity revolves around gratification of self, sating desires and an abdication of responsibility you are manna from heaven to liberal policies.

Libertines and liberals both scorn and seek to sabotage the same thing; Libertines just for the sake of it and the other to harness power over all they can envision.

In the meantime, praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.

The Gathering of the Manna by James Tissot