Mick Mulvaney

I figured it out. Why can’t everyone else?

Politifact.com: Acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney triggered a wave of news alerts when he told reporters that President Donald Trump held up aid to Ukraine in part to leverage the country’s help in investigating the 2016 hacking of the Democratic National Committee server.

No, he didn’t.

Mulvaney: “(Trump’s) like, ‘Look, this is a corrupt place. I don’t want to send them a bunch of money and have them waste it, have them spend it, have them use it to line their own pockets. Plus, I’m not sure that the other European countries are helping them out either.’

“So we actually looked at that, during that time, before — when we cut the money off before the money actually flowed because the money flowed by the end of the fiscal year — we actually did an analysis of what other countries were doing in terms of supporting Ukraine. And what we found out was that — and I can’t remember if it’s zero or near zero dollars from any European countries for lethal aid. And you’ve heard the president say this: that we give them tanks and other countries give them pillows. That’s absolutely right, that the — as vocal as the Europeans are about supporting Ukraine, they are really, really stingy when it comes to lethal aid. And they weren’t helping Ukraine, and then still to this day are not. And the president did not like that. I know it’s a long answer to your question, but I’m still going.

“So those were the driving factors. [PERIOD- end of the main point]

“Did he also mention to me in passing the corruption related to the DNC server? Absolutely. No question about that. [Secondary point interjected which relates to a conversation he and Trump had] 

“But that’s it. And that’s why we held up the money.” [Reflecting back to the main point]

I comprehended it this way the first time I heard it. Often when we’re speaking we will misplace elements and commit anachronistic errors, especially when we’re attempting to use prolepses in anticipation of loaded and unfair media questions.

It was simple for me to understand yet not one person in the media, nor Mulvaney himself could explain this when he attempted to walk back any allegations of admitting Trump delivered a quid pro quo to Ukraine.

Trump did not deliver a quid pro quo.

And what he discussed with Mulvaney before the call is completely irrelevant. What Trump actually said during the call is what’s relevant, and we have the transcript to back it up—supplied by Trump himself.

This is a typical case of the MSM succeeding in twisting nothing into something. Mulvaney needs to lay off the Irish whiskey of it precludes him from explaining himself fully. He didn’t intend to throw Trump under the bus but did.

If I were Trump, Mulvaney would already have a desk at CNN.