1. What Mid-East country became independent after WW2, after being a European colony with artificially drawn borders, that has been ruled by a minority demographic who oppresses and kills other ethnic populations  it controls?

If you answered Israel you are ignorant.

The answer is Syria.

Carved from the Ottoman Empire in a French- British agreement it was a French colony until the 1940s.

Ruled for decades  by the Assad family, members of  a minority Alawite sect, who have murdered hundreds of thousands of their own subjects and systemically oppress the Kurd, Druze, Christians and Sunnis under their control.

2. What Mid-East country, independent since after WW2 with artificially created borders was a European colony that was specifically designed for a non-Muslim minority to rule over a predominantly Muslim population? Wracked for decades by ethnic strife and civil disturbances it has an official policy of discrimination against its Palestinian residents.

If you answered Israel you are an imbecile.

The answer is Lebanon.

Separated from Syria by the French it is an artificially created nation named for the mountain that it is centered around.

Its original constitution called for a Christian prime minister even though they are outnumbered by Sunnis and Shiites.

Palestinians are denied citizenship, land ownership, civil rights and many live surrounded by  concrete walls and armed guards.

3. What Mid -Eastern country got its independence after WW2,  50% of the  population is of Palestinian descent but has always been ruled by non-Palestinians, and at one time invaded and controlled almost all of the land meant to be an independent Palestinian state?

If you answered Israel you are a moron.

The answer is Jordan.

The League of Nations under the treaty of San Remo granted England a mandate over what is now Israel and Jordan with the express purpose of reconstituting a Jewish homeland there.

The British separated all the land east of the Jordan River, handed it over to their friends from the Arabian Peninsula, and  kicked out the Jews.

As an independent nation, Jordan attacked Israel upon their independence, conquered most of Judea and Samaria in 1948, renamed it the West Bank, and annexed it without any intent of allowing an independent Arab Palestine.

Jordan is still ruled by the original family and many Palestinian Arabs are forced to live as refugees there and have limited rights.

4. What Mid-Eastern country became an independent nation after WW2, is the only democracy in that part of the world, has a Muslim population of 20% with full civil rights, guarantees full freedom of religion and doesn’t persecutes gays?

If you didn’t answer Israel you are either an idiot, a Jew hater or a liar, be very ashamed of yourself.