Another incorrect application of liberal political correctness was the initiation of the term “African-American.”

They aren’t African-Americans. They are Americans of African descent. More importantly they are Americans.

Calling blacks African-Americans implies they are Africans who became American citizens.

For instance, I’m of European descent. Does this render me a European-American?

No. I’m an American of European descent.

Wouldn’t it be easier not to use liberal classifications at all and just call ourselves Americans?

If you are an African or European citizen who becomes an American citizen, then you can correctly call yourself African-American or European-American.

This keeps it more geographical than racial, which is the way it should be.

If you are an African citizen of European descent and become an American citizen, are you an African-American?

Tough question, but yes you are, geographically, but not when using the PC method of identity politics. People would reject it because you are not black. Race is paramount in the PC world.

We should all avoid liberal PC classifications for this reason. They use identity politics to divide us.

If you think about it, classifying ourselves into a racial group actually works to alienate us from other groups. This is by liberal design.

Liberals use these classifications as identity politics to alienate certain social groups from each other so they can better control us. They pit one group against another as Obama did with blacks and whites. Racial bigotry was almost eradicated, then the “anointed one” divided us once again. Think Trayvon Martin.

As for me, I’m an American, period. If you become an American citizen from any country, you are now also an American. Whether you are natural born or naturalized it makes no difference.

For an expanded perspective on political correctness, watch outspoken conservative Ben Shapiro who says political correctness breeds insanity.




  1. A white South African lived in the US for years; whenever he tried to classify himself as “African-American” he was rejected.The intrinsic, and racist bias of race obsessed PC advocates is revealed by this.


  2. Thanks for the thought provoking story, Michael. I reworked my essay above to cover this dilemma.

    “If you are an African citizen of European descent and become an American citizen, are you an African American?

    Tough question, but yes you are, geographically, but not when using the PC method of classification. People would reject this classification because you are not black. Race is paramount in the PC world.

    We should all avoid liberal classifications for this reason. It’s pure and simple identity politics.

    If you think about it classifying ourselves into a racial group actually works to alienate us from other groups. This is by design.”


  3. Here’s an old post from TMQ1

    Jan 16, 2007

    Proud to Be Politically Incorrect

    by Lawrence of Bessarabia

    The term politically correct is one of the most ridiculous expressions and to me vile and offensive.

    What gives the right to left wingers to assert that their viewpoint is correct and anything that deviates is incorrect? Isn’t this in opposition to their philosophy not to make any one feel bad?

    By labeling something incorrect its inherent value is diminished and made to be inferior. Who put these people in charge of formulating lexicon as applied to the thoughts of others? Why should someone be made to feel that their viewpoint is less worthy?

    If the shoe was on the other foot, the liberals would be screaming bloody murder.

    I detest the intolerance of the self-righteous hypocrites of the left as much as I do the Bible thumping right wing saviors of nothing. I don’t need any one policing my thoughts from either side. Don’t pray for the salvation of my eternal soul, I can do that for myself. Take care of your own freaking business.

    And don’t tell me that my life is predicated on the basis of not hurting someone’s feeling at the cost of my own well being.

    I’d like to share a story concerning politically correct views that occurred number of years ago:

    My wife and I were invited to a party in lower Manhattan, at the friend of a friend.
    To get there, we had to drive through Chinatown. Somewhere near Bayard, two local inhabitants ran across the street and I had to slam on the brakes to avoid hitting them. When we arrived, our hostess asked how the drive was. That's when the trouble started.
    I grew up with Chinese families on my street. The kids all played together. I grew up with the mindset that Chinese Americans were no different than the rest of us.
    As an adult, I had a long-term and serious relationship with a girl who was half Japanese.
    When I told our hostess that the drive was ok except that I almost ran over two Chinamen, she went ballistic on me for the use of the term. She said, they were called "Asians."
    I said that Asian was too ambiguous, and that these Asians were Chinese. Why do they call it Chinatown instead of Asiatown? I meant no disrespect.
    Well it turned out our hostess was a Legal Aide defense attorney. At some point one conversation got around to crime and punishment, eventually capital punishment.
    She asked me if I was in favor of capital punishment. I told her I was actually in favor of summary execution, but I didn't want her to be out of a job.
    She turned purple and looked like she would shit in her pants when I said that I could reduce crime and balance the city budget at the same time.
    Bring back public execution, I said. Put an electric chair on second base in Shea Stadium, sell tickets and auction off the rights to throw the switch.
    All of this was very "politically incorrect," I'm sure, but who really is the arbiter of that?
    She countered with how death penalties are no deterrent, but I said that this would guarantee at least one person would be deterred from a future crime.
    Then she hit me with the old "How come all you death freaks are all anti-abortion nuts?"
    I told her that I wasn't anti-abortion, I was pro-abortion.
    She was glad to hear I was pro-choice.
    I corrected her, I'm not pro-choice, I'm pro abortion. Too many people are having babies who shouldn't, I said. Unless you qualify for an exemption, you get an abortion.
    By now, I was really in the politically incorrect, deep end of the pool. She was apoplectic.
    I said the exemption would be very simple. All you have to do is show that you are financially able to support the baby. People have babies and no means to raise them, so they become the responsibility of the state, i.e. taxpayers.
    Why should you have to pay to care for my baby if I can't?
    I also asked her about all the children who are neglected because no one cares for them. To fulfill the need for a family, they sometimes end up joining gangs as a substitute.
    If you can't afford to raise your child and the state has to foot the bill, then the child becomes a ward of the state.
    Instead of allowing the gang to be the family, the government should create something similar to a kibbutz out in the country where the mother and child can live together in a communal environment. Now the substitute family is a more productive element of society.
    Just when I thought my hostess was going to throw me out of her house, I was rescued by a middle-aged African American woman who said that was the most sensible thing she'd heard anyone say about the subject.

    Politically correct? Who’s to say? But nobody appointed the lefties and liberals except themselves, so they don’t count.


  4. Your hostess is likely still trying to get over your audacity. That is if she’s still alive because this post was from 12 years ago, but it’s still spot on. Nice work. I probably read it back then but we’re approaching 10,000 blog posts now, so I’ve forgotten way more than I remember. Have we changed the world yet?


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