Democrats = Demofascists

Sleepy Joe and Crazy Bernie are the only 2 of the 24 Democrat candidates that have any chance whatsoever of winning the 2020 election. A nano chance at best.

Pocahontas the Native anti-American is deluding herself if she believes she is a possible winner. None of the other contenders are worth mentioning. They’re just wasting millions of dollars on losing bets.

If they truly cared about something besides their narcissistic, self-absorbed egos—like the homeless and the struggling veterans—they would raise money for them rather than wasting it on their hopeless campaigns. Most likely, all 24 will have wasted exorbitant amounts of money just to have Trump beat the shit out of them anyway.

To coin a term in Hillary Clinton’s honor for her 2016 devastating loss, let’s say Trump will “hillify” them.

Vilify: To attack the reputation of a person or thing with strong or abusive criticism. 

Hillify: The way Trump defeated and humiliated Crooked Hillary in 2016.

So, Trump beat Hillary by vilifying her, oui la hillify.

Their behavior speaks volumes about how they couldn’t care less about their constituents. They only care about power and lining their greedy liberal pockets.

I’m still waiting for one of them to propose an actual political platform besides their ridiculous mantra, “Trump obstructed justice. Impeach Trump.”

Posturing with the antithesis of any Trump proposal is not a political platform.

Just look at these clowns.


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