Like the Nazis, Democrats are clearly fascists, therefore I will refer to them here as Demofascists.

Demofascists share the same negative fanaticism exhibited by Islamofascists.

They are maniacally driven to destroy the status quo and replace it with their sick, controlling ideas and to incessantly feed their psychological need for power.

Their rapacious nature drives them to do anything to reach their goal of total domination of others.

They covet power and control but are the least competent to manage them.

They focus on a singular thing and that is to nurture their vainglorious drives.

They are psychologically dysfunctional and crazy as loons.

They are as dangerous as any carnivore on the planet yet they are cowards at heart.

They are severely limited in their range of human emotions thereby resembling the behavior of developing children.

There is no cure for their addled brains.

The only way to halt their persistent onslaught is to eradicate them.

As you can clearly see Demofascists and Islamofascists are shitbirds of a feather.

This could explain their BFF spit swapping relationship.


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