As I wrote in a previous blog post, I refer to Democrats simply as ‘Rats’ because their collective behavior is very similar to that of rats and other rodents. Like rats Democrats pee all over everything, embrace infanticide, and love communes among other disgusting behavior.

Here’s a little perspective on our current House of Representatives which is under Rat control.

Rank-and-file members of the House are paid $174,000/yr.

Majority and minority Party Leaders are paid $193,400/yr.

The Speaker of the House is paid $223,500/yr.

There are 541 total congressmen.

So, we pay the House $94,222,300/yr.

They also receive a government contribution toward their health coverage.

Members become eligible to receive a pension at the age of 62 if they have completed a total of 5 years of service.

Members who have completed a total of 20 years of service are eligible for a pension at age 50.

Members are eligible at any age after completing a total of 25 years of service.

Members of Congress are also provided with an annual allowance intended to defray expenses related to carrying out their congressional duties, including official office expenses, staff, mail, travel between a Member’s district or state and Washington, DC, and other goods and services.

We have been paying the House of representatives all this money since the Rats took control in January of this year. Let’s say it’s $47M so far. Now, I ask you, what have we gotten so far from the House besides:

  • The Russian Collusion hoax by the Deep State Rats,
  • Continuation of the Russian Collusion hoax by the Rats,
  • Hearing after hearing by Rat Jerrold Nadler to continue the Russian Collusion hoax,
  • Harassment by the Rats and their bitches in the MSM of President Trump,
  • Absolutely nothing but denial by the Rats about our border crisis,
  • Rat controlled cities and states turning into third world slums and being inundated by homeless homesteaders,
  • 24 candidates making up the 2020 election Rat pack, none with any plan other than keeping the Russian Collusion hoax alive and giving everything away free at our expense as they convert our Republic into a Socialist country,
  • Loudmouth spew from Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, and Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren,
  • Anti-Semitic bigotry and racism from radical Muslims Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar,
  • I could go on for days.

It appears we have employees who are bilking us for money while not doing their jobs. They couldn’t care less what their constituents want. They just want to make Trump disappear.

They are giving us a royal f*cking without the common decency of a kiss or a reach-around.

The 64 million dollar question is this,


Tell us your thoughts.

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