There was a time that Democrats, in spite of their admiration and adulation of policies and programs with a red or pink tint, would deny any attempt to associate them with or label them Socialists.

Nowadays the cat is out of the bag, and the sheep’s clothing is off the wolf.

More and more Democrats are more than happy to embrace Socialism and refer to themselves as Socialists.

It puts them in the company of some other folks who were proud to be called Socialists, such as:

Pol Pot-  Khmer Rouge; responsible for 3 million deaths

Josef Stalin- Soviet Union; responsible for 20 million deaths

Mao Zedong – People’s Republic of China; responsible for 30-70 million deaths

Adolf Hitler- National Socialist Party aka Nazi; responsible for 50 million deaths

Let’s not forget; Castro, Ortega, Chavez, and Maduro who continued this legacy of despair and deprivation and death that Democrats can’t rush headlong into fast enough.

Tell us your thoughts.

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