By D’lea – @DBrandtWY (Twitter)

Fear not the current trends
nor the uprising from within
instead fear him who would say
work through the pain
just one more day
one more sanctioned taste
of the salt that fuels a man
washed down with a shot of Jack
splashed over shadowy regrets
ring stains on a bar
set high upon its mark
your legacy now all of ours
in beat to my failing heart.

Conceit upon lips & loin
as nameless western women
accepted; excepted you
to use your eyes to cop a feel
of dreamy creamy cleavages
the place you laid your head
during puberty & war time fears
when warm smooth thighs
were nowhere to be found
once encouraged to linger
as a well fed married man
admonished to remain enticed
by the breasts of your own wife.
Did I break my cathartic spell
when I pleaded please stop
no more desert tales
or was it my decline
of your bent knee proposals?
failing to quench your thirst
though I never pulled the glass
I understood you moving fast
taking me inch by inch
where I couldn’t, wouldn’t go
in truth you loved me dearly
until you stopped the pain
one cheap bottle of fermented grain.

I watched you turn blue to black
what was it going to take
to bring you back; steadfast
beyond the lies, war, addictions
that fractured youth & soul
a crushing frame of reference
that swallowed you up whole
through all your battles
believed; obeyed as you were told
surrendered your mortality
too quickly passed before me
now at last my tanker friend
you’ve been set free!

~ ~ ~ ~

In soulful memory
SPC David Williamson
US Army Tanker (Iraq)

Now you know you were forgiven.

I love you still…

~ ~ ~ ~

Psalms: 140:8
“Do not grant oh Jehovah
The cravings of the wicked ones”