Ever notice how any liberal Democrat on a given day will inexplicably use the exact same sound bite as all the other leftists on a particular political topic?

How is this phenomenon possible? Is it coincidence or method? Who would orchestrate such a mysterious affair? I mean, WTF?

Let’s say the Trump smear tactic for a given day is to accuse him of being a Martian, so as you click through the MSM news channels you hear the exact same thing from all of them and their guests: “Trump is a Martian.” The only difference is that each and every one of them tries to outdo the others in their individual deliveries of “Trump is a Martian.”

Okay. Who decided on the message? A team of scientists at NASA? Don Lemon? Brian Steltzer? Joy Behar? Rosie O’Donnell? Chris Matthews? Rachel Maddow? Stephen Colbert? John Oliver? Jon Stewart? Seth Meyers? Jimmy Fallon? Chelsea Handler? Jimmy Kimmel? Conan O’Brien? Jim Acosta? John Brennan? James Comey? ET? Bugs Bunny? Cinderella?

The answer is none of the above. They’re all just a bunch of mindless, unoriginal puppets of something or somebody, save the last three, but of who or what?

To arrive at the answer, let’s revisit history.

Donald Trump’s win in 2016 “trumped” the liberal Clinton-Obama master plan to fundamentally sabotage our Constitutional Republic and place all the power into the hands of the New World Order/Deep State stooges. His defeat of the expected winner, Hillary Clinton, set into motion a psychotic rage and denial by leftists all over the world. First there was collective denial, followed very quickly by anger and rage.

This collective feeling of loss got stuck like Don Lemon’s gerbil completely sideways up their keisters. Normally the anger and rage would eventually give way to bargaining, then depression and finally to acceptance. Unfortunately, for these psychologically-challenged elitist infants the gerbil is hopelessly stuck. They’re permanently caught in a tantrum loop that plays out over and over, day in and day out for over two years so far with zero indication of acceptance.

All the drills since the 2016 humiliating defeat have been orchestrated by the Deep State cabal. They load the hookah bowl with whatever they decide is the proper blend of hooch and every one of their puppets take a huge huff and exhale the exact same smoke at the exact same time. So, the “Trump is a Martian” spew is nothing more than an example of collective hookah smoke departing the lungs of all the dolts listed above and any other leftist gang-banger not mentioned (there are just too many to list here).

Their collective lack of creativity and blatant repetitiveness coupled with their submissiveness to the Deep State narrative becomes downright comical. They’re like lefty loony Stepford Wives.

This entire process has turned into a circus sideshow. We watch these leftist degenerates make absolute jackasses of themselves on a daily basis. Their behavior grows more absurd by the day. We no longer have a free press, but merely an extension of the Democrat Party and greater Deep State. As our esteemed writer Lawrence of Bessarabia put it, the famous New York Times “Gray Lady” has morphed into the infamous “Gray Succubus.” This is the best metaphor I’ve read that perfectly sums up the farcical MSM.

Donald Trump branded them precisely and as permanently as the stuck gerbil when he first referred to the MSM as “Fake News.”