Kamala Harris is taking her run for POTUS seriously, well, at least as seriously as any deranged Democrat can.

Daily, she comes out with whopper soundbites over issues like taking our guns through presidential directives, which she doesn’t know would violate our Constitutional rights.

Today she announced her ‘Equal Pay Certification’ plan aimed at closing the gender wage gap. In other words, all women would get an equal wage with men whether they had the experience necessary or not. Another handout, which is the hallmark of Democrats.

She wants to be be your online censor-in-chief, making the potential punishment of social media platforms that don’t censor what she sees as hateful speech a focal point of her presidential campaign. No doubt this would be limited to speech against Democrats, Muslims, and her. She would be the self-appointed judge and jury. She must be buddies with Mark Zuckerberg.

More revelations on her true leanings:

      • An undocumented immigrant is not a criminal. (Just like shoplifters are simply undocumented shoppers.)
      • Abortion is a woman’s unrestricted right . (This includes late term abortion.)
      • Comfortable with same-sex marriage.
      • Don’t require cops to wear body cameras.
        Acknowledge that certain communities distrust police. (And should)
        Imprison violent criminals, not the non-violent.
        Personally opposed to death penalty; as DA, never pursued it. (Hear that Ted Bundy?)
      • Supports restrictions on right to bear arms. (And the country rattles its sabers.)
      • “An undocumented immigrant is not a criminal.” (I think she means an illegal alien is not a criminal, but they are.)
      • Distinguish Islamic religion from terrorism. (How the hell do we do that since the Koran calls for killing all infidels?).
      • Innovate smart solutions to climate change. (By Realizing Climate Change is a hoax?)

Kamala Harris is a Populist-Leaning Liberal. She has leaped from the bottom of the polls to number three as a Democrat candidate just behind number two Bernie Sanders and leader Joe Biden. So, we have a pervert, an old white guy, and a Ho. Very fitting for Dems.

Regardless of this display of possibility for Harris to actually become president, my money is still on anybody but Harris, she’ll never be president.

Joe Biden and Pete Buttigieg, as much as I hate to say, are the only two viable candidates from the lily-livered left. But neither of them have what it takes to beat Trump. So it’s “Hairplugs MacKenzie” and “Buttplug Buttigieg” vs. Trump.

Go Trump! 2020!




  1. L’l Pete Boot- edge -edge is a fucking commie. I don’t care who sucks his dick or whose dick he sucks, that’s none of my concern.
    When he drones on with his redistribution of wealth to buy his votes and power base with my money that makes him a fucking commie.
    He can suck my dick until he’s blue in the face and he’s still a red assed baboon fucking commie.


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