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Anyway, at Lance’s suggestion we are reposting a post from August 2006 entitled:

Let’s Give Some Muslim Boys A Happy Ending

I have always felt you can get more flies with honey than you can with vinegar. For example, I was against sending US Marines into Lebanon in 1982. They were sent there to keep the Israelis from kicking the ever living shit out of the Palestinians and were rewarded by having Hezbollah blow them up. I contended then that US taxpayers could buy a more secure peace by flooding the place with color TVs, $100 bills and loads of hookers, to f**k the fight out of these guys. If these working gals could keep the Muslim kids reamed, steamed and dry cleaned their urge to merge would replace their thrill to kill. But alas, I was not in charge and it didn’t happen that way.

My esteemed colleague, Professor Shlomo, on the other hand is an advocate of tough love. He uses this approach to goad, cajole and inspire Muslims to proper behavior. He berates and intimidates them on the basis of their penis size and lack of sexual prowess. I have found him to be a tad harsh on the lads and also doubted his thesis. Muslim culture, with such high birthrates, must be one in which the men use their mannish muscle to keep the women’s fuzzy poodles flambéed.

My apologies to Dr. Shlomo. You can’t question genius. French movie producer, a novelist, journalist and lawyer Pierre Rehov has interviewed future residents of Shaheedville for his new film. It seems that to Arabs the name Pierre might as well be Rashid and the little tykes really opened up to him. They are bound by a common thread as a factor responsible for their willingness to explode. They have a neurotic sexual frustration due to the extreme sexual repression of Muslim Society. Not having an outlet for this energy they are easily indoctrinated into this death cult (or is it spontaneous combustion?).

For this reason I am calling on prostitutes world wide to set up shop in Muslim countries and offer deep discounts to single Muslim males between the ages of 17 and 30. Maybe the UN can form a non government; agency for this purpose. I would call it the PIECE CORPS.

And what about you lovely Muslim lassies? Do you want your men folk to keep blowing themselves from here to Canarsie? How about breaking out of the burkas, bitches, and shaking the date trees dry? Let’s put some meaning back into the term “Whore of Babylon”.

We’ve seen those Cecil B. DeMille movies, and know about the harem outfits in the closets. Give your guys a happy ending everyday and keep them coming back for more. Don’t make them die for virgins when they can get heaven on earth.

Check out what Pierre Rehov has discovered and what Shlomo knew all along.


muslim mummy
Masturbating Muslim Mummy (Unfortunately His Magnifying Glass and Tweezers Didn’t Make It)