To The Honorable Congresswoman Tlaib,

When I think about the Nakba I get a warm fuzzy feeling of comfort to know that my ancestors drained the swamps, irrigated the deserts, paved the roadways, built the power plants, hospitals, fruit groves, wheat fields, schools and factories that provided sustenance, medical care, infrastructure, employment and prosperity to the Arabs of the Middle East.

They did this while they were sacrificed to Allah for being kuffars by some of those Arabs.

Arabs who came to British Palestine from Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and other places, legally and illegally to enjoy living in the 20th century while Jews were denied entry only to die in the ghettos, forests and death camps at the hands of Arabs’ heroes and allies, the Nazis,

It calms me to know that even as we speak, your relatives in Israel enjoy greater civil rights; higher education, per capita income, and life expectancy than they would living in an Arab country.

I love how Jews have paid with blood, sweat, toil and tears just for an expectation that Arabs conduct themselves like civilized human beings.