Why spend a bunch of money on a wall the beaners will figure out how to scale anyway?

Let’s just put a bunch of these signs all along the border, in Spanish of course: Peligro Campo Minado!

If they figure out it’s a hoax, we can always plant some M16A1 Bouncing Betty anti-personnel mines along the perimeter.



  1. I have some experience with enfilades, defilades, and interlocking fields of fire. The problem is they take many men to set up while the Bouncing Betty is a nice lone surprise when left behind for unsuspecting betas — and they typically rip the enemy to shreds for a slow and agonizing death where bullets have a faster kill rate. And they don’t discriminate against women and children.

    If I had my druthers, I’d drop AN-M14 TH3 incendiary grenades down their pants and smoke a cigar as they slowly burn in half, but that’s just me.

    I’m with you on arming and training folks so terrorists never walk out of attacks alive. What a great deterrent. Just think about the different outcome of the attack at Chabad of Poway if that combat vet had been armed with an automatic rifle.

    Let’s let the border invaders, jihadists, and other leftists soak up the fear of the almighty, stack ’em high and deep, impale the mangled corpses on the border with poles to rot in the wind like Vlad the Impaler did to the Turks and Bulgarians.

    That’s my modest proposal.


  2. Shoot, throw in some psychological warfare while you’re at it.

    After all, how many land mines does it take to shut down a border? Probably just 4 or 5.

    Then go on CNN and tell the world you forgot where you put the rest. These mopes will drive themselves bat-shit crazy looking for them. Just a thought…..:)


    • I do have to admit though…the idea of posting the bodies on upside-down crosses along the border is appealing as fuck. There’s a historical precedent for this: When pirates of old were caught and punished, oftentimes the punishment was to have their bodies hung in a gibbet at the mouth of the harbor as a warning to others.

      Not a bad idea, really….


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