From: The Gateway Pundit

Boom! Even Bill Maher Turns on Pencil Neck Adam Schiff.

Democrat lawmaker and anti-Trumper Adam Schiff went on HBO with Bill Maher on Friday night after the release of the Mueller Report in the last two weeks.

Maher: “There was no big gun. Now it just looks like you’re stalking him.”

Shifty Schiff, who previously said he had evidence of Trump colluding with Russia, went on to discuss the findings in the Mueller Report.

In light of Adam Schiff’s major part in the leftist coup attempt against President Trump and the very real prospect that he’ll end up in prison over it, one would think that he’d clam up about Russian collusion and impeachment. Instead, he’s been doubling down on his wild accusations and lies in spite of Robert Mueller’s findings of no such collusion.

This from the same ding-a-ling who used taxpayer dollars as hush money to keep his gay lover quiet after a major gay-bashing and ultimate falling out.

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How fucking dumb is this asshole?

Whenever I see photos of him in the news with his huge bug-eyes, he always appears as though his gerbil got lodged sideways up his six.