ISIS has been celebrating the recent devastating Notre Dame fire.

There were conspiracy nuts at Twitter writing today that Interpol and Russian intelligence stated ISIS was the responsible party.

Ilhan Omar was quoted as saying, “Somebody did something to something in some country.”

She went on to complain that Muslims we’re “being blamed for something by somebody and being treated as second class somethings.”

Forever the victims.

Here’s what I know and the readers can draw their own conclusions:

– The fire happened suspiciously close to the Christian holiday of Easter.

– The fire was primarily limited to the apsidal end of the Cathedral. This is the Eastern end facing toward Mecca.

– Muslims have been on a campaign of damaging Christian churches throughout France, vandalizing over 600 so far.

– If this was arson, Muslim refugees that have been inundating France could be the most likely perpetrators.

– Video captured a Muslim Man in Muslim garb on the front balcony who was moving suspiciously and rapidly shortly after the fire began.

– Michelle Obama was taking a Notre Dame riverboat tour during the fire.

In my opinion, Ilhan Omar and Michelle Obama conspired to burn the great church and Barack Obama lit the fire.


Because somebody did something to something in some country.

This fits the modus operandi of the trio.


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  1. 9/11- Some people did something and Muslims lose their liberties, as per Ilhan Omar.
    70% of Muslims and Arabs worldwide believe it was carried out by Jews to make Muslims look bad.
    Has anyone asked her exactly who she thinks those some people are?


    • Somalis and Palestinians are the two lowest most base life forms on earth.

      They bring trouble wherever they go.

      They are animals.

      Neither of which belongs in the great USA.

      Neanderthals don’t belong with humans.

      Time to clean house.


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