We believe in love and we love to hate whoever we so choose.

We want peace so much we will physically attack you if you don’t want peace as much as we do.

We won’t let anyone discriminate against immigrants, and won’t discriminate between productive law-abiding immigrants and those who come here illegally, commit crimes or sponge off the system.

We tolerate all except whoever disagrees with us.

We believe that the super rich, the rich, and the upper middle class made their money unethically if not illegally and need to have their wealth redistributed unless they are athletes, musicians, actors, academics, or leftist politicians.

Our right to free speech gives us the right to silence opposing opinions.

We oppose any oppression of Palestinians except those cases that can’t be blamed on Israel only a racist would call that anti-Semitic.

We are the most equal animals on the farm.

We used to be called Communists but now we are called Democrats, and are making the world safe for douchebags, assholes and lowlifes everywhere.



  1. I saw a clip of Sander’s rally in the Bronx, a reporter was asking about socialism. Most of the people were under 35 and all thought it was ok because it was democratic socialism. Didn’t Chavez get elected by the people? The saddest thing I saw was the son of Cuban immigrants saying it was ok because it wasn’t communism. WTF? Wasn’t the USSR the Union of Soviet Socialists Republics? I bet Castro spouted the same bullshit Sanders and other demonrats are spouting.

    Their infantile rhetoric is starting to piss me off.


  2. It was Brooklyn, not the Bronx.
    Communists always referred to themselves as Socialists.
    The Democrats always denied being socialists even though they were.
    Now that they admit to being socialists we know what the real meaning is.
    Springtime for Stalin.


  3. The second to last time I took the cross Bronx expressway was in 1980. Went to Westchester County for a pre New Years party of some pro Sha Iranians. Their grandson was a college buddy of mine and now a plastic surgeon in NYC I believe. Lost track. After the shindig, we hit the city to watch the ball drop, then shot up to Stratton and Killington, VT for some shushing. I went through again in 1984 after a Van Gogh exhibit at MOMA, then headed up to see a guy I knew in Litchfield, CN.


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