When Will It Finally Be Never Again?

Everyone loves to feel good about themselves when they can cry over dead Jews.

Those tears are worthless and offensive and as far as I’m concerned you can choke on them.

Think about those tears when you hear some one disparage, deny, demonize or delegitimize Jews and you say nothing, or when the voice is yours.

You want to hate Jews?

That’s your right I suppose, but let me in on your dirty little secret and I’ll give you some real good reasons to hate at least one Jew.

Otherwise shut the fuck up.

Hat tip to Elder of Ziyon and his take on you motherfuckers:

I’m reading various account and commentaries of the horrific shooting and massacre of Jews in synagogue in Pittsburgh today, and everyone is putting up their own political spin on the event. It is expected — and disgusting.

The suspect didn’t target Jews because of “occupation” or because he was a Trump supporter (he wasn’t) or because he had access to guns or because any Jews did anything to him personally. He is just an antisemite who is not sophisticated enough to couch his hate in terms like “anti-Zionist” or “anti-capitalist” or “pro-justice” or any other of the dozens of terms used nowadays to make Jew-hatred a little more palatable.

There are more crimes targeting Jews in America than crimes targeting all other religions combined. There is no common thread — the far-Left hates Jews, the far-Right hates Jews. Muslim Jew-hatred is “understood” and down-pedaled [sic] by the Left. And people will be gleeful that today’s murderer identifies with the far-Right, just as the Right will disavow their role in emboldening the hate on their side.

Antisemitism is not like other hates. There is no logic behind it, no justification for it. Jews aren’t allowed to be in “our country” but are not allowed to be in their own country either. Assimilated Jews are as much targeted as religious Jews. Jews are vilified by extremists of all stripes.

Stop using this massacre as an excuse to pin this on ideological and political enemies. Every group has Jew-hatred associated with them in one way or another. If you truly care about Jew-hatred, root out antisemitism from among the groups that you identify with.

Don’t pretend it isn’t there… because it is.



  1. Jews are despised because they have given so much to the human race. How many Nobel Prizes have they earned? How many successful businesses have they started?

    Thank God the Jewish people exist.


  2. There are masses of such attacks on Jews here in England but the police just classify them as something else when they happen, never what it really is. Our government’s notion of harmony is to cover up crimes and only give publicity to the very few anti muslim attacks.


  3. Sorry Lance, miles away. That’s Scotland. Here in Hereford I live next to a tiny bridge which crosses into Wales. There is still a law which makes it legal to kill Welshmen if firing from the Hereford Castle walls.They used to rape and maraud across there. I’d just love the chance.


  4. Well, I’m 59.8% British, Irish and Scottish. But they are labeling displaced Scots as Irish, so I’m heavily Scottish. Names like McIntosh, McKnight, Boyd, MacDonald, Johnston and others fill my family tree.

    My biological father was a Boyd

    I’m 99.5% European:

    -French & German
    -Ashkenazi Jewish


  5. No such thing as a Palestinian. They’re Muslims from all over the desert. If I ran Israel, I’d land mine all the area around the borders. If you find a tunnel, wait for a bunch of camel fuckers to be in it and blow both ends. Then they can die while corn-holing each other.

    Muslim men love to check each others oil.


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