CNN political correspondent Jim Acosta has been fashioning himself the top mainstream media agitator to the Trump administration since even prior to Trump taking office. Unfortunately, the harder he charges in an effort to continue and even step up his campaign of rudeness the sillier he looks. It is all backfiring on him.

Beginning with President Trump, Acosta has consistently been shut down and scolded like a small child when being hoggishly rude and out of order during press conferences. Trump first used the term “fake news” when Acosta was attempting to badger him at a press conference. He kept interrupting Trump while firing off controversial questions and comments. At one point in another forum, Trump threw him out of the Oval Office.

Others like Kellyanne Conway, Sean Spicer, and currently Sarah Huckabee Sanders have also had to shut rude Acosta down. Now it appears he may be permanently barred from the white house press room and other presidential conferences. 

He is currently attempting to rally support behind him about possibly being barred, yet he continues his campaign of rudeness, lying, and agitation.

How could he possibly declare a win over the Trump administration if he is barred from attending press conferences? At that point all he could do is lie, name call, and whine on camera with no audience besides other CNN clowns in their studio.

Jim Acosta has stepped on his dick and cannot seem to step back off it.

If you’re wondering what crawled up Acosta’s ass, it is his masochistic self-degradation and he just cannot seem to dislodge it. He is absolutely his own worst enemy.



  1. Acosta is an embarrassment to legitimate journalism.

    Now all of a sudden his defenders claim it is the job of journalists to confront the administration, after eight years of parroting and worshiping anything the administration said or did.

    News flash- the job of journalists is to report the truth-

    Acosta should be allowed to cover any and all White House events, provided he wears nothing but a cloth diaper, holds an oversize rattle and only speaks in baby talk.



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