‘Our Second Civil War Has Begun’

Any non-Democrat, non-liberal, Jew (even our president) who doesn’t realize that war has been declared on us by the left is akin to an unsuspecting Jew facing the Nazis of the Holocaust. 

They won’t rest until every one of us is silenced and/or exterminated, and are already ramping up the violence. 

Jews have a slogan, Never Again, when referring to the Holocaust, but the Dems are the new Nazis and they are doing it again. 

Even liberal Jews will sooner or later be swept up by this evil leftist machine.

The left is now replete with radical Islamists; gangs like MS13; racist black politicians like Corey Booker and Maxine Waters; politicians like Hillary Clinton, Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer; fascist groups like Antifa, BLM, the Southern Poverty Law Center, the MSM, HuffPo, Hollywood et al.

They want control of you and this country, and will use any means to achieve it.

Our FBI, DOJ, and Federal court system have been corrupted by the Deep State.

The latter has been working to destroy Donald Trump since before his landslide slaughter of Hillary.

Their calls for violence against us are echoed daily.

Violent protests are breaking out everywhere.

They even destroyed president Trump’s Hollywood Star.

How many of these slimy criminals have gone to jail?

Conservatives and all Jews are the frogs in the pot, ever-so-slowly being boiled to death. 

Our second civil war has begun.

If we don’t go on the offensive immediately, our goose is cooked. 

It amazes me how much of the world is made up of poor dumb bastards who just don’t want to be free and prosper.



  1. Nazis were not socialists. Socialists were treated like Jews by the Nazis. An entire war was fought as a last effort to free the world of socialism. A fascist takeover in a Latin American country presents no automatic threat to the US. A communist takeover would always be a mortal threat.


  2. Wrong. Nazi was short for “der Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiters Partei”. In English, the National Socialist German Workers’ Party. Nazi Germany was a socialist state, not a capitalist one. And socialism, understood as an economic system based on government ownership of the means of production, positively requires a totalitarian dictatorship.

    The identification of Nazi Germany as a socialist state was one of the many contributions of Ludwig von Mises.

    I’m a graduate of the Defense Language Institute – Presidio of Monterey, CA. I studied the German language and German history 8-hours per day, 5-days per week for one year. All my instructors (13 that rotated) were Germans from both East and West Germany. I was in Germany when the wall came down and lived there for many years, so I know a bit about Deutschland.

    And the difference between a socialist and a communist is like the difference between a strawberry blond and a blond.


  3. The war between Nazism and Communism was not because of opposing ideology per se.

    it was Hitler’s adherence to the 19th century Volkische movement, a belief of German racial superiority; a view of Slavs as sub- humans whose land was destined for German expansion and an obsessive hatred of Jews who were seen as both the cause and effect of Bolshevism.

    The Communists were no picnic either, they just have had better PR for the last hundred years.


  4. Wherever the Soviets went they confiscated land and factories without compensation. Although the Nazis strictly controlled the production of goods and services, it was nevertheless under a private enterprise system.You only lost all if you were a Jew; and Jews have always been persecuted by the Soviets as well. Just because they called themselves “socialist” doesn’t mean they were such. After all the East Germans called themselves “democratic”. Nomenclature is just convenience in the political world. Witness the end of the War. The Soviets installed socialism in every country they occupied; land and factories were confiscated.Unless you are a Jew it is far better to live under fascism than communism; at least you keep your stuff. And the point I made still holds; a communist revolution on the American mainland represents a mortal threat to the US. A fascist takeover can usually be accommodated. Presidents who didn’t realise this made balls ups, such as FDR, the incompetent. The last President, Obama, realised it but he was on the wrong side.


  5. The fascists here now are clearly the Democrats, while they claim the Republicans are. We have the group Antifa, Anti-fascists, who are left and fascist. As you said, nomenclature is a convenience in the political world.


  6. We need to exhume his bones and throw them at the Dems. Most of their moves come right out of Saul Alinsky’s playbook, Rules for Radicals. One could say that the present Democrat party is where George Orwell meets Saul Alinsky.


  7. Very interesting Lance and Lawrence. Orwell is always claimed for the Left, yet the more you read of him the more sensible and right he seems to have behaved. For example he willinglysubmitted a list of dangerous English “fellow travellers” to MI5 in 1946.What’s left about that?


  8. People think the socialism, capitalism and fascism are on a continuum from left to right. Not hardly, socialism and fascism and their variants are rights denying political systems. Capitalism is a rights respecting political system. Socialism, fascism, communism and other collectivist political systems have nothing in common with capitalism.


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