Today’s The Day…

Less than 13 hours Eastern Standard Time and Obama is through!

Berry-the-hoodlum and his Illegal Pinche Pendejos


Adios Mamachinga !!

3 thoughts on “Today’s The Day…

  1. “Will no one revenge me of the injuries I have sustained from one turbulent, wretched president?”
    “A curse,” I say, “a curse light upon all the false varlets that I have maintained, who have left me so long exposed to this insolence from a president, and have not attempted to relieve me of him!”

    All but one receives my contemptuous wrath, Trump has vanquished this fraudulent poseur and shall have my gratitude while breath remains. The long winter of our discontent has ended, let spirits rise and rejoice.

    Sic semper tyrannis!


  2. When Beckett was murdered Henry ll made sure he had no direct connection to the deed. Just like Hillary, Soros et al are piling the hatred on Trump….surely some lunatic will eventually do the job for us?


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