Back Again Like A Herpes Outbreak

I was reading an article online about UN Ambassador to be, Governor Nikki Haley when there was a link to an article by none other than favored TMQ2 “SHUT THE FUCK UP” recipient, Racist Ray “Hamas” Hanania.

Ray wrote a piece for the Arab Daily News earlier in the year critiquing Haley for her response to the State of the Union Address.

Racist Ray, a Christian “Palestinian” carries water for Muslim causes and probably never met a jihadi he didn’t like.

He is more mixed up than a schizophrenic on LSD in a blender.

Racist Ray “Hamas” Hanania

The Old Double R excoriates the governor for:

Being Indian
Being Sikh
Being an immigrant
Being a a minority
And having white teeth.

We here at TMQ2 never hold against a person things they have no control over, like what they are or their intelligence.

We only hold those accountable for what they say or what they do and keep it at that.
The catalyst for Double R’s preschool tantrum is that Haley stands for the USA-
stands for justice and truth, and God bless her stands with Israel.

She had the audacity to say the US should make treaties that would be celebrated in Israel and protested in Iran.

Boo hoo fuck face.

She favors the only Mid-east country with a 9/11 memorial over one whose official policy is “Death to America”.

FYI Ray, when the Islamists take over Christians like you will be lined up for beheading along with the Jews and Muslim reformists.

Please shut the fuck up and remember that the only reason God gave you a mouth was to eat deep dish pizza and labneh you fat fuck.

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