Ding-Dong the witch is dead.

I guess we won’t have Hillary Clinton to kick around anymore.

Will all those who said they would leave the country if Donald Trump was elected president please get the fuck out now?


  1. Not that I want to piss on your parade, but she’s not really dead….yet. I applaud and share the sentiment. One can only hope that she does in fact drop over dead and as soon as possible.

    I want to add on to your stance and say: Alright liberals—you lost. You promised us you’d leave this country if you did, and NOW WE’RE GOING TO HOLD YOU TO IT. Get out. GET THE FUCK OUT. You no longer have a home here. We never wanted you in the first place, and you’ve never been anything but a plague on this country from day one. No one will miss you, and WHEN you leave, don’t ever even think of coming back. Don’t worry about your citizenship, we’ll revoke it for you. Just pack your shit and go. Don’t go away mad, just go the fuck away.

    Of course, the Hollywood types probably already have their shit packed….just sayin’…

    While you’re busy whining to the Canadians or whoever you decide to inflict yourself on next, the rest of us will be busy trying to pick up the pieces of this country and put it back together. You’ve created the most godawful mess of a country since Mussolini—no small achievement, but not one you were supposed to be trying for. I feel for Trump—he’s got one helluva mess on his hands. I just hope that he CAN actually put this country back together—the depredations of the Obama regime have jacked this place up so bad I’m not sure it actually can be fixed.

    One thing still worries me: Democrat administrations over the last 50 years or so have left the country with progressively worse legacies. Kennedy—and that ridiculous toad Johnson—left us with Vietnam. We were able to get outta that, but it took everything Nixon had to do it. Carter left us with the Teheran hostage crisis—thank God for Reagan. He somehow managed to actually get this country back on its feet, and we were in pretty good shape by the time he left in 1988.

    Clinton was too busy getting blown in the Oval Office to notice the steadily spreading fire of al-Qaeda; the end result of his regime was 9/11, and that was arguably the worst legacy yet.

    So what hidden surprises does ol’ Barry boy have in store? It can’t be good.


  2. I meant dead politically.
    Actually she would be better off dead then she could be a martyr for all time.
    What she is now politically is a leper.
    Ironic that the libs hate Trump because they say he doesn’t like Mexicans but they all promise to go to Canada.
    Are they racist that they don’t want to go to Mexico?


    • Good point re Mexico. As a wet liberal would say-that proves his “subconscious” racism. Such ballocks isn’t it? Anyway now that Trump is in, is it time to kill all the gays, make slavery legal again and take away womens’ rights? Oh no that’s muslims who do that, isn’t it?


  3. The President is able to “pardon” people….I thought only monarchies had that sort of law, and that the USA was founded to avoid such feudalism.Though the US Constitution is the best ,there are 2 practices which you could profitably copy from England. Firstly, a politician here loses his rights, his office keys, and his official car on the very day he is diselected. No mercy. Secondly in the House of Commons politicians are NOT allowed to read their speeches or answers. This means that low intelligence is starkly revealed-it also adds massively to our entertainment…


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