From WND:

Radical Muslims: We must kill them without mercy
Maj. Gen. Patrick Henry Brady says, ‘Troops on the ground win wars and keep the peace’

I recently saw a photo of an Arab child playing in some dismal street with the burning twin towers emblazoned on his T-shirt. In that photo were both the cause and the solution to the deadly threat of radical Islam.

Maj-Gen-Patrick-Henry-BradyRadical Islam will continue to kill as long as the Islamic children are taught that the U.S. (and other infidels) is the great Satan. This teaching must be stopped wherever it is found. It should not be difficult to do in America, if it exists. And if any country that receives American largess teaches it, that largess should be eliminated, be it tourism or aid.

It will take some generations for this strategy to bear fruit, a reality loathe to many Americans and most pols. We are a nation of sprinters; we don’t do well in long distance races. Get over it. If we care about our children, we better get on with it.

In the meantime, we must kill them without mercy. To these radical Islamists, negotiation is a time to rearm. They will die for their beliefs, our first such enemy since the kamikazes. We must facilitate their death to ensure our security.

Speaking of negotiations, to return to our enemies five trained hardened killers for one American is beyond belief – even if he is not a deserter. Amazingly, Mrs. Clinton said the five terrorists are not a threat to us, only to our allies! Think about that. They will kill again, and that blood is on our hands even if it is only our allies.

As for Sgt. Bergdahl, he was at a minimum AWOL, probably a deserter and possibly a traitor. The worst part of this mess is that Bergdahl may have deserted his brothers in arms. Deserting your country is bad, deserting your fellow soldiers in combat, endangering their lives, is worse. He may join the Jane Fonda and John Kerry cabal – one betrayed her country, the other his fellow warriors. The way this country is heading, Bergdahl may be a future “100 greatest Americans” or a senator or even secretary of state.

As for those countries that fight these radicals, we must help them. To say we can’t do it for them – “let them do it” – is fatal nonsense. What if they can’t do it for themselves? Do we watch them fail? Do we stand by while our enemies gain strength, which will be used to kill us and, as important for them, the Jews?

If killing radicals requires boots on the ground, so be it. I don’t like that term, but it is the flesh and blood of our troops that fertilizes the tree of liberty. They know that. They accept that. Our girly-men politicians cannot, nor can many ill-informed Americans who believe they are immune to any tragedy. I am amazed at the politicians and retired generals who say we can do it from the air. You can conduct wars from the air, but you can’t win wars from the air. Do the terrorists have air power? Are they winning?

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Troops on the ground win wars and keep the peace. Look at Japan and Germany and Korea and Kosovo – troops on the ground. But there must be a Status of Force Agreement, or SOFA, before we put any troops on the ground. We should already have this and left troops on the ground in Iraq and we would not have the mess we have.

Remember Kosovo? A similar situation; a multi ethnic/religious conflict fought mostly by air. Clinton promised the troops would be out of there by Christmas 1999. Fortunately, he changed his mind. They are still there, on the ground – and not a peep since.

We should have a decided advantage dealing with this religion. We have a president who is the most Muslim-friendly and Islam-knowledgeable president we have ever had. He was raised to a degree as a Muslim. Whether or not he is a Muslim in his heart, only he knows. And what difference does it make? I am amazed at the outrage against those who say he is Muslim. Why the outrage? What is wrong with being a Muslim? It should give him insights to our enemies, radical Muslims, and the differences between peaceful and radical Muslims and how to deal with them.

For those who question Iraq and weapons of mass destruction, Sadam Hussein was a weapon of mass destruction as are all terrorists and those who support them. Does anyone doubt a live Sadam would have facilitated attacks on us per the Taliban – on Israel?

Many are reminded of Vietnam where we abandoned our allies, cut off their life line and then cursed them for not fighting. Any American who fought with them knew they could fight – when we were there supporting them. No wonder the Iraqis are dropping their arms. Who has their back?

Unfortunately, in the midst of this crisis Obama has taken leadership to dithering heights. His decisions are all political. He approaches foreign affairs like Pontius Pilate; he washes his hands of the crisis. (Domestically, he is frighteningly like Sgt. Schultz: “I know nothing.”) If he believes it is politically to his favor, he does it on his own. If politically risky, he goes to Congress or our allies – or dithers.

Has he talked to George Bush, who predicted this disaster? I say this only half-jokingly. Obama needs Putin to help him out of this mess as he did with the red line in Syria. Putin has terrorist problems of his own, and it is one arena in which we could work together (besides the space rip-off the Russians have conned us into).

And where are the generals? Think Inchon, Normandy and Yorktown – all turned the tide. The military I served would never have been surprised by ISIS. There would be contingencies for contingencies. Tragically, our military leadership is as flawed as our political leadership. We can do airstrikes with 300 troops and dither and debate and then wait – for hostages and the bloodshed that will follow there and, one day, here.