Are You Ready to Live Under Islamic Sharia Law and Convert to Islam or Die America?

Will you wake up in time, or will your children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren grow up in a completely different America?

For everyone who bought in to Obama’s plan for ‘Hope and Change’, this is what he meant…

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Islamic Center of America
Islamic Center of America, Dearborn, Michigan

The Islamic Center of America (Arabic: المركز الإسلامي في اميركا‎) is a Shia mosque located in Dearborn, Michigan. Although the institution dates back to 1964, the new mosque opened in 2005. It is the largest mosque in North America and the oldest Shia mosque in the United States. With its large Shia Arab population (consisting mostly of Lebanese), Dearborn is often called the “heart of Shiism” in the United States.

The Islamic Center of America is located at 19500 Ford Road in Dearborn. The institution was founded in 1963 by Muhammad Jawad Chirri, who remained its director until his death in 1994. The current Imam is Iraqi-born Hassan Al-Qazwini.

Islamofascist Network in the USA

News for Islamic Terrorist Network in America

Map of Mosques in the USA
Map of Mosques in the USA as of 2011

No worries. Right? I’m sure these mosques are frequented by “moderate” Muslims who plan to live among us peacefully. Right? No radicals here.

The White Mosque (Formerly Called The White House)
The White Mosque (Formerly Called The White House)

The white mosque is currently occupied by a family of Muslim extremists.

It’s long past time for you to flush out your headgear, America. All we have left is to fight these bastards to the death, or you can await your turn to be beheaded.

Count Vlad the Impaler had the right idea when dealing with radical Muslim aggression. When they crossed him, he worked out a FINAL SOLUTION TO THE MUSLIM QUESTION!


    • Wtf? Wtf? The “f” is the well known fact that Muslim extremists hide behind the walls of their mosques, their children’s schools and the skirt tails of women in their efforts to commit murder and mayhem… all in the Name of Allah… and the rest of the “So-Called” Muslim “NON-Extremists” wouldn’t say shit about it if their collective mouths were full… that’s Wtf!

      In the immortal words of Eldridge Cleaver: “There is no more neutrality in the world. You either have to be part of the solution, or you’re going to be part of the problem.”


        • My apologies, but I fail to see the confusion in what has been said… Please read this quote again and apply it to ALL Muslims…

          “There is no more neutrality in the world. You either have to be part of the solution, or you’re going to be part of the problem.”

          The “just” of what is being illustrated in that quotation with respect to the world events fostered and promulgated by a small minority of Muslims in the name of Islam is that there is no difference between those who murder and those who turn a blind eye to the murder being committed in their name. I might add that it is simply my opinion that there is especially no difference in the Eyes of The Lord God Almighty when His Name is evoked as justification for the action.

          In point of fact… When the truly righteous of the Islamic faith take a stand against the oppression, repression and fear instigated in the Name of Islam… and Muslims everywhere the world over root-out and rid themselves of these extremist factions who blasphemy the Name of Allah…. then and only then will the faith of Islam be accorded the respect and dignity as a “Religion of Peace”. Until that time comes Islam will remain in the eyes and hearts of the rest of humanity as a stalwart of supreme human ignorance in every manner imaginable… and as there is supreme beauty in every True Word of God the world over… the true beauty of Islam will remain hidden from mankind.

          That’s what I am saying… Do you understand now?


          • Yes I understand what you have said very well, I as a Muslim also agree with your opinions, please excuse my earlier rudeness…yet can you suggest ways for the Muslims to root out these extremeists? Believe me, dear friend, we have tried hundreds of times to try to destroy/stop them. Didn’t you think about the thousands of Muslims also being tortured by those hell dogs? These extremeists like the Taliban and alqaeda have immense wealth and power supplied by hostile nations, who despise Islam.(I won’t mention those countries to prevent racism. ) We Muslims and the World must unite to stop the dammed terrorists. I suggest you check out Youtube channels such as Vicenews, where you will get a better idea of how complex these terrorists are, and why they are so hard to remove. For example there’s this video on how the terrorists manage to blend into society and often brainwash innocent teens and children. Anyways, stopping terrorism is very complicated process even if we did make a stand against them, there would always be people in society who will be evil and horrid.


            • As-Salaam-Alaikum my friend, there is no apology necessary. No offence was taken or meant. To your posed question… I would not suppose myself to be in a position, let alone capable, of giving advise on the best manner of ridding your faith of those who would blaspheme the name of our creator for their own selfish worldly goals… no more so than I would accept the advice of others outside of my faith on the same issue… and believe me… we have them too! I can however suggest the means of separating the grain from the chaff within your house… and that is a precondition that must be met in order to move forward with any hope of peace between men and nations… That precondition is the inevitable acknowledgement of the right of the State of Israel to exist as a free nation. Free of outside interference, free from unprovoked aggression, free to chose and follow their faith. Once that has been firmly and without equivocation laid upon the table for all of Islam to decide upon, then you will know who among you values peace and life above war and death.


              • Wa-alaikumus-Salaam, yes I do belive Israel has the right to exist yet does not Palestine also have the same rights? The right to exist? I have seen some of the brutalities the Palestinian children face. It brings me sorrow to see their conditions…although Palestine is guilty of attacking Israel. Israel is also equally guilty of mistreating Palestine. We need peace between Palestine and Israel because both nations have the right to freely exist. Please remember that I am not discriminating any Israelis or Palestinians. It was very nice to see someone who loves peace and purity just as much as I do. Thank you and have a good day/night. 🙂


  1. Marshal Infidel:

    that was dam fine writing.

    I certainly understood your position, if myhairysack didnt understand, there aint nothing you can do but enrol him in the ESOL course down at the local community college.


  2. Palestine is not a nation. It never has been.

    Palestine and Palestinians are just a big lie.

    Every bit of destruction Israel can unleash on these Hamas butchers is warranted and the children are already brainwashed to grow up to hate Jews and murder them just like their forefathers, so fuck them too.

    I have no sympathy for any of them, short of the Christians and Jews who live in Gaza. I’m sick of Muslim lies and propaganda directed at Israel, and I’m sick of our country funding these terrorists.

    Hamas animals only understand one thing: A bullet to their hateful and empty heads, so let’s give them all the “understanding” we can.

    Long live Israel – Death to so-called Palestinians!

    Palestinians? What Palestinians?
    Who are the Palestinians?
    All TMQ2 posts on the so-called Palestinians


  3. Harsh? Hardly. Truthful and realistic. Truth is the enemy of Qur’an-reading Muslims since their death cult is based on lies, fantasy, and murder. Harsh? Save that word for the Muslim pigs. In fact, harsh would be a euphemism when describing Muslims.


  4. I’ve made my opinion abundantly clear. If you lack the ability to understand what I write, that’s your problem. Besides, I think you’re playing dumb anyway. You know exactly why we are responding the way we do. There is no such place as Palestine and Israel hasn’t abused anyone, you dolt. When you spew shit on our blog, we blow shit right back at you. Deal with it or move on. We have no time for your crocodile tears over the so-called Palestinians and their so-called abuse by Israel. Pull your head out of your ass and get real, otherwise you remain part of the problem and will get no love from us.


  5. Lance:

    “Every bit of destruction Israel can unleash on these Hamas butchers is warranted and the children are already brainwashed to grow up to hate Jews and murder them just like their forefathers, so fuck them too.”

    I was talking to my wife about that this morning, if they are over 7, it is doubtful you can deprogram them. They could be writing poetry, painting, writing novels, curing cancer, creating wealth but no, they put all their creative energy into hating and killing Jews.

    When will they wake up?


  6. mahirsadad:

    you know who these people are, why dont you kill them or imprison them?

    I dont think you are willing, I think most Muslims agree with the radicals at some level. It is your philosophy of life which is based on your religion and it is really skewed. You spend all your time putting up treasures in heaven and hating life on earth.


  7. The Wombs of Islam have been in full gear. I’m afraid our opportunity to stop them has long passed.
    President Trump is right! We will never be a socialist country… we are headed too Sharia Law!


  8. Right you are. And the generation that will need to fight them is chock-full of a bunch of spoiled crybaby snowflakes who will be natural appeasers rather than warriors. Muslims win by multiplying like cockroaches and playing all fronts all the time.


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