Update 6 Nov 2012:

Looks like I’ll have to repost this in 2016.

Americans now deserve all the negativity the ensuing Marxist shit storm will bring. 

I’m ashamed of my country. I’m ashamed of every single idiot that voted for Obama. They are as much this country’s enemy as any terrorist group out there.

If you dolts think the rich are going to suffer as you receive further “Robin Hood” entitlements, you’d better flush out your headgear. The rich will remain comfortable. You idiots are going to pay the price.

Welcome to the great Marxist experiment that has never worked anywhere! Remember these words when you’re living in poverty, starving, and have zero hope.
Barry and Michelle

Dear Barry and Michelle,

Here we are. It’s late 2012 and your lavishly wild party will soon be over. Good luck finding new jobs in the present economy, the one with which you sandbagged us all.


The first black president experience is now over. There were high hopes for you; unfortunately you turned out to be a huge disappointment and the worst possible choice.

A plethora of black Americans would have done a much better job running this country than the arrogant, dishonest, racist, hubristic, seditious and fiscally irresponsible person you turned out to be. Because of you, Americans will now be leery about repeating this experience for fear of getting another like you. It may be decades before another black candidate is given a shot at the presidency.

There is no denying that your mouth works great, but your ears are clearly broken. You were entrusted by us to run our country the way we wanted it to be run, however, you just wouldn’t listen to us. Instead, you spent four years force-feeding us your Marxist visions and forcefully trying to realign this country. We never asked for this.

You did run the country. Regrettably, you ran it right into the ground. I won’t even delve into the broken laws, the ill treatment of our friends, the scandals, the lies, the total disregard and disrespect for our U.S. Constitution — which you seem to feel is outdated and insignificant — or the tragic and bloody trail of dead Americans left in your wake. Suffice it to say, you belong in prison and should have been impeached early into your presidency.

You, sir, are a traitor!

Instead of fulfilling the dreams of your father and delivering on your campaign promise of hope and change, your father’s dreams remain just as dead as he (thank God), and our hope got screwed by your change.

I’m sure you know the old saying: Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me. So, shame on you! We’re done; you’re done, but let’s hope this country isn’t done due to your almost nonexistent leadership. You clearly do not have what it takes to be president, so we have to cut you loose now and attempt to recover from your blunders, your lies, and the dark shadow your actions have cast upon our international reputation.


We realize you will no longer to be able to spend our tax money on your lavish, self-serving, irresponsible vacations. For this, we are eternally grateful. You openly vented your hatred for the United States of America and her citizens. Well, we don’t like you much either, but at least we aren’t wasting your money on our own selfish extravagances.

We know you love treating your Secret Service agents like slaves. You’ll have them around to bully and abuse the rest of your natural life. For this, we mourn for those poor Secret Service agents who will be forced to babysit you the rest of your life.

To both of you:

Following the inauguration of our new president on 20 Jan 2013, don’t let the white house door hit you on the way out as you head back to Chicago, Hawaii, Kenya or wherever you go. And please, don’t damage our white house or steal any china, paintings, furniture, door knobs or other items when you vacate the premises as the Clintons and their staff did in 2008. The American people own these things, not you.

Finally, here is a fact you both need to absorb: We the people built this country. You didn’t!



  1. I’d even entertain Al Goracle about now, or Ralph Nader, or Pat Paulsen Jr, or Charles Manson!


    *Joan Rivers’ gave Michelle this moniker.


  2. Believe me, it took many edits in order to tone it down. The first draft was filled with fire and brimstone language. My message was that it’s over for Barry, and I’m experimenting with the idea that sometimes less is more. Did it work?

    Good to see you, WD. How’s your blog going?


  3. I believe it. I just don’t know if Romney has sealed the deal. Too many drones.

    If your post helps with the undecided (also drones) then yes, less is more. As long as it’s less O and more freedom.

    The blog is active, so I’m trying to post more. I invite your millions of viewers to go there and write offensive comments, if they wish.


  4. With this post, I temporarily relaxed our take-no-prisoners approach in an effort to lure in some of the liberal and progressive types so we could introduce them to our TMQ2 water-board.

    I’ll see what I can do about adding a high profile link to your blog on this site. Maybe we can steer some pole-smoking hadji types to your site so you can share in the verbal firefights.

    By the way, I saw your blog’s right margin military insignias. This was one of mine in both black and white backgrounds.



  5. What really chaps my ass is that Obama and Michelle got the keys to the country, the credit cards, the checkbook and the white house.

    We got Bupkis mit Kuduchas — and the bill!


  6. One thing scares me about the (eventual) departure of the Obamas.

    Democratic presidents have a highly notorious track record of leaving scorched earth behind them when they’re evicted from the White House. Here’s a few samples:

    —JFK: Bay of Pigs, Cuban Missile Crisis. Lost amid the hubbub and emotional debris from Dallas was the fact that he told us to go to war in Vietnam…but don’t win the war. The end result was LBJ and a war that tore this country to pieces. It’s a little know fact that LBJ—while a senator from Texas—ordered the executions of a couple of reporters that were determined to expose his controversial campaign practices. (See the book “None Dare Call It Treason”.) LBJ was as big a dunce as Biden would be later on, and when he inherited the presidency by way of an assassin’s bullet, rather than attempt to set things right, he doggedly continued his predecessor’s failed policies, even amplifying them a bit with the “Great Society” program. The end result of this was a military that tried to go to war with its hands tied, and ultimately got run out of Vietnam…oh excuse me…”withdrew with honor.” The military might have done so, but our government was left a shambles, and it took the combined forces of our military over a decade to get back on their feet after the humiliation.

    The good news was the Reagan-era military…

    —LBJ: Already covered. Feel free to add your own comments.

    —Carter: Hoo boy…Y’know, Lance and Co. have already covered THIS moron in excruciating detail. The modern press won’t talk about it, so I guess it’s up to me, Lance, Lawrence, et al., to remind folks these days about Desert One and the debacle that was the Iranian Hostage Crisis.

    I think it important to remember just how that crisis got started. I could write a book on it, but I won’t here. The “Cliffs Notes” version is that the Shah of Iran—not a great leader but WAY better than the Ayatollah that followed him—got overthrown by Islamic fundamentalists in the mid-70s, even as he and his government were loudly begging us to help him. (Sound familiar?) To this day, the Iranian air force still has F-4, F-5, and F-14 aircraft in its inventory (although it is highly doubtful as to whether or not any of them can fly). The Shah’s pleas for help were ignored because Carter and his ilk painted him as a dictator—not unlike what the press is doing now, with Syria and Assad. The end result was the collapse of the Shah’s government. The Americans left behind in what was a good country became hostages of the Ayatollah. Carter mealy-mouthed and fumbled his way through the ensuing political exchanges…The Desert One fiasco came about because Carter first ordered Special Forces in to get the hostages, then pulled his support back at the last second (just like JFK at the Bay of Pigs 18 years earlier).

    Meanwhile, back in this country, unemployment was out of control and so was the interest rate. Gas prices had soared to unbearable levels, and the country’s economy was in free-fall. Sound familiar?

    Once again, the good news was Reagan.

    —Clinton: Disemboweled the magnificent Reagan-era military, and left us with the BRAC program that rears its ugly head every few years. Scuttled the intelligence community to the point that those who saw 9/11 coming were either intimidated into silence or were fired outright. Handled the Middle East problem with such kid-gloves that 9/11 became possible. I don’t care what sources you—the reader—have seen or heard, 9/11 was Clinton’s fault and always will be. Meanwhile, as the world burned around him, “Emperor Nero” Clinton was busy diddling—er, fiddling—with fat interns in the Oval Office.

    And we won’t even start on the subject of Hillary…the curse that just keeps on giving.

    So…after that short historical examination, we’re up to Obama. One brief aside here: Why not look at FDR and Truman?

    Fair question. Here is your fair answer: FDR bequeathed us the two-term presidency, because that polio-addled dope was able to manipulate the system for too long. He also ultimately bequeathed us the Cold War, into which I was born and grew up, by his weak handling of Stalin at the Yalta Conference. Churchill, God bless him, saw Stalin for what he was and tried to avert the coming catastrophe, but FDR abandoned him to fight that battle alone. And of course, we had Pearl Harbor under his watch…which could have been averted…but we had FDR. Those last four words sum it up.

    As for Truman…he is probably the one example I can find of a Democrat who probably wasn’t. Truman was actually pretty decent…so I’ll give him a pass. For now.

    So back to Obama.

    What will be his ultimate curse on us? What scorched earth will we need to tread after his departure, and what messes will Romney—or whoever wins the NEXT election—need to clean up?

    I shudder to think. People don’t think about the future any more.


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